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    Ubuntu on Phones

    This sounds quite interesting. I do not think I would be using any type of phone with a Linux system. I am not big on the Linux system.
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    Ways to fight off Spam

    I use the PC Matic. I tend to scan every day or so.
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    Get Google Adsense Approval within 3 days

    This is good to know. I have been thinking of getting another blog going. I would certainly be using the Word Press if so. I will be keeping this in mind.
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    i.p. address question

    I think only if you are law enforcement can you legally see this. I think otherwise you can only see the computer connection.
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    New Raspberry Pie 2 can run Windows 10

    I will certainly be checking out these specs. I recently bought a Arduino and am not happy with it. Well, of course, I am not quite done with programming class and I have not yet taken class in microprocessor. I think it would be easier once I have both classes. I will be holding off on the...
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    Ubuntu or Linux Mint?

    I prefer the Mint. The Mint is similar to the OS on a Microsoft machine. I did not take to the Ubuntu OS too well just for this reason. I found it difficult to navigate.
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    Affiliate program

    I might just need to check this out. I am about to get another blog going. I hope the blog will be successful. I am going to have to buy traffic this time. I will be checking out this affiliate program.
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    Windows 10 is coming -- whether you like it or not!

    I have not yet switched over. I am a little nervous about switching over during the first week. I will give it a few months before I switch over. I might be going out and getting a new machine. I have not decided yet.
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    Computer Specs/Build

    I just have a Dell laptop. I am not too happy with it. I would like to get a different one soon enough. I think the specks are something like 15.6" monitor, Intel and something like 2.00GhZ it is rather slow and cheap. I got it from the school and if Dell gave them a discount on these computers...
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    Just replaced my keyboad...

    I have always hated the design of those keyboards. I hate the way they feel under my hands. If I ever bought a desktop and it cam equipped with a keyboard like this, I would have to run out and buy another one. I think the problem you are experiencing is not in the keyboard itself, but the...
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    Safe with blogger or should I migrate to Wordpress?

    I have had bad experiences with Blogger. I think Word Press blogs might be visited more frequently. I do not think that my Blogger blogs have been visited too much. I am thinking of trying another blog. However, the next time I try, I think I will try at Word Press.
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    Do you make money online?

    I would love nothing more than to sit at home and discipline myself to make money. I am in the process of writing and editing my first novel. Perhaps, this will be my niche of how to earn a living from home. I almost hate getting out of bed and travelling to a job.
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    Do you visit Facebook as much as you did in the past?

    I do not visit Facebook as much as I used to. In the beginning before my parents joined and their siblings, I think I was more of a Facebooker than I am now. I know that sounds bad, but my parents were young parents. They do not allow us to be ourselves and speak our minds as freely as we might...
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    You're favourite type of laptop/computer?

    I have had an HP desktop and HP laptop in the past. Many people have stated that there is nothing like owning a Dell. I have heard statements along the line that once you own a Dell, you will never own another brand of computer. I must disagree. I loved my HP. When I purchase a new laptop over...
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    A good cloud service

    I like the new Amazon cloud service. However, I must say the cloud service included with the Office 2013 suite is great also.