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    Best browser add-on?

    I would also have to agree that it is Ad Block, it is outstanding. If you have never tried it then I would definitely give it a whirl. You will be glad you did!
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    Affiliate program

    I have never really had much success with CJ. I thought about trying it out once again since it has been a few years since I last tried. The only way I am making money online at the moment is Adsense and Project Wonderful
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    Favourite website to visit while surfing the Internet?

    My favorite website to visit is my own website, since that is mostly what I am doing when I am online. Also the others would be Facebook, Google, & DraftKings.
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    Computer Specs/Build

    I am currently surfing the web on my phone. It is an iPhone 6 16GB white!
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    Why the fear of "The Cloud"?

    I have actually been wondering the same thing. I have heard of a lot of people that steer away from cloud hosting. I have never used it, but I may in the future. Seems like everyone is hesitant about using it.
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    Android or IOS?

    I am not really sure why, but I have always preferred iOS. Most people these days still have iPhones and I like being able to send messages to my friends. I recently got the iPhone 6 and I am absolutely in love with it. It has a drastic improvement on the battery life from earlier versions...
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    New Hosting Service

    I cam across a website the other day that offers a FREE domain name, and FREE hosting for 1 year. You do not have to put in credit card information or anything. It is legit. The website is
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    Do you prefer Laptop or Smartphone for surfing on the Internet?

    I have always preferred using my laptop for surfing the internet. The reason being is because some websites are just not mobile friendly.
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    Do you make money online?

    Yes, I do make money online. I am a webmaster forum owner. I make a majority of my money from ads posted on my website. At first the money was slowly raking in, but now it has become a lot more steady.
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    Free web hosting

    Myself, I would never use free hosting unless maybe I am just testing a website. They are not very secure. Hosting is so cheap these days that anyone can afford it. I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for! Free hosting is not very reliable.
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    Best alternative to cPanel?

    I would have to agree with everyone else on this, DirectAdmin would surely be your next option then. For myself I actually like cPanel because it has a whole lot more features and because like yourself, I have been using it forever.
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    Favorite Browser

    Personally, I believe that the best browser out there has to be Google's Chrome browser. I have found that it rarely crashes like other browsers. Internet Explorer seems like every single time I use it then there is some critical error of some sort and is forced to close. With Chrome I do not...