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    Thank you Interserver for CentOS Webuzo installation!

    There are so many things I like about my new InterServer VPS - but for certain the CentOS Webuzo installation was an amazing surprise. I was unaware that I would be provided with this option, nor that InterServer would have such a wealth of Webuzo docs available that I'm still to work through...
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    How to redirect a domain using Webuzo panel?

    I checked the Webuzo docs and haven't been able to find an answer. I have a primary domain that I want to redirect to an add on domain with my Webuzo panel. Do I have to use code to do that, or is it possible to do this through the panel?
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    MySQL to MariaDB

    Thanks for the feedback John. Think I'll wait for Webuzo to go for MariaDB first and wait to change when I really need to and not before. (y)
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    XenForo Alerts - how to delete them?

    I've just Googled how to delete XenForo Alerts, and doesn't seem one can do that. I picked up on a discussion below that looks as though one can end up with a huge collection of alerts. Any way to get rid of them, otherwise the best preventive measure probably would be not to use them in...
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    How to properly secure your cPanel VPS

    OK, thanks Quags. I'll check out for tutorials for how to do that via ssh.
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    MySQL to MariaDB

    Thank you Quags. I haven't set up a site yet. And am using Webuzo. Can I just go ahead and install mariaDB on Webuzo and the mySQL will become mariaDB?
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    How to properly secure your cPanel VPS

    Great tips many thanks Quags. :cool: I'm used to CSF Firewall with WHM in my shared hosting environment and find it very useful for security, particularly with the dashboard that comes up for managing the CSF in WHM. Cpanel is pricey of course, so when I purchased my Interserver VPS, I...
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    MySQL to MariaDB

    I've just noticed my shared host changing mySQL to MariaDB. However doesn't look as though the breadbasket of WEBUZO has changed to MariaDB. Softaculous still works with mySQL as the default database in its Panels. I know I can change to MariaDB as it is available in WEBUZO, but am just...
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    Please help chose a right VPS for me.

    Agreed. I wouldn't use a VPS. I wouldn't even use a Website for it. I'd use a dedicated mail host. Reason being that all of the Web hosts have very strict rules about mass e-mail campaigns, better go with an e-mail host who knows how to work with mass e-mail campaigns. Zoho is quite good as...
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    What can i do? [ how can I pay yearly]

    I'm probably going to do this too soon as I'm completely blown away with the service of Interserver system wise. Like everything is absolutely in the right place with massive support in documentation and an active Forum. My User Panel also impresses me, the fact I can do reinstalls of my OS...
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    How to set up a vps

    I'd start with a panel like Webuzo. There is a free version available with plenty of documentation. Then work with the Webuzo panel. It is the easiest for learning. 1. First you need to load PuTTY on your Windows installation so you can talk to your VPS: Here are the...