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    Internet privacy

    I would definitely question that as well, I'd hate to get in trouble for just being an acquaintance of someone.
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    Your biggest "oops"

    My only one would be forgetting to backup my database, and then deleting something I really needed and not being able to get it back. I've learned my lesson with that quite a lot of times.
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    Domain registries to AVOID?

    Well thanks friends for not letting me use GoDaddy because it was suggested to me a couple days ago, so thanks very much. Any others that are bad? This is the first I've learned of any that won't be good for you to use.
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    Do .com domains hold more value than .net/.org?

    Yes, when you see .com it simply just screams "This is better"!
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    Would you ever host your own website on a vps?

    How does shared hosting work? what's the difference between that and paid hosting?
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    Simple but pro looking website

    Can you suggest a specific site for this?
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    Simple but pro looking website

    Good for you I hope it works out.
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    Internet privacy

    personally I think if you're living in America you have no privacy at all, and that's not to say that other countries don't do the same in their countries but America just goes above and beyond with it, they take it to er another level, and after a while you really just get used to the fact that...
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    When it comes to finding hosting

    I normally get anything that's free right now as I can't afford many much more than that. For my blogs I use blogger because they host for free, and your blog is right on the web. Also I tried to use WordPress but it just didn't work as well for me.
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    What do you use to backup your comuter

    I normally use the cloud storage, or I use the box, or Dropbox. I use Google drive sometimes as well as its fast downloading, and it keeps everything for a majority of time, and I can access them from anywhere.
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    Simple but pro looking website

    Honestly I have never found any that was good and free, I have always had to pay for it. I do suggest you listen to the comments above though, cause I will be too.
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    What's a good free web hosting?

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    What do you use the cloud for?

    The google cloud services are really goo, and you can connect it to all of your devices so that no matter what or where ever you are you will still have all of your files, pics, and docs all in one place that you can access at any time.
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    Favorite Browser

    I agree Chrome is fast, and it stores everything for you, it can be used as a cloud, a browser and so many more things in one. I also got a new phone a couple days ago and it connected to my phone and it was amazing to see that every search I made in chrome was connected to my phone right away...
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    Creating a forum; What software?

    I've never done this before, but I will say that as for paying I know a lot of people say that they use XF. I would realy recommend it though you would be getting what you paid for and its trusted and recommended by a lot of people.