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    Safe with blogger or should I migrate to Wordpress?

    I don't know much about how WordPress works since I just mostly utilize Blogger. Well, if you just want to try and test the waters, it wouldn't hurt to blog with WordPress. I believe in order for you to gain success with your site, you have got to familiarize with all things regarding blogging...
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    Ubuntu on Phones

    I have never heard of Ubuntu before, I am actually pretty much biased with Android phones, but yes, that sounds like an interesting news. Let us see what other people's opinions regarding this one are.
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    Ways to fight off Spam

    Interesting post. Thanks for sharing. I have already sort of neglected my blog since I have been pretty busy with work, but once I get back to it, I might try to use and apply what you have all suggested here. Very helpful.
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    Do you make money online?

    Wow, seriously? You are only 15 years old? It's good to know that instead of hanging out with your friends and partying, you have just decided to do something worthy out of your time and work online. I have so much respect for you now. (y):) Oh, I love fantasy novels as well, I am actually a...
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    i.p. address question

    As far as I know, yes, a site can be able to see/find out your IP address, but no, they will not be able to identify where you are specifically located or what building you are in.
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    Best add blocker for your browser?

    I haven't actually tried Ad Block Plus yet, and I am quite having trouble with those popping ads. I will try to install it soon. Thanks for your suggestions! :)
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    Do you make money online?

    Yep. Well, working online doesn't pay much but it is still good money and I can actually save a lot more than I used to before when I was still working an office job. Transportation and food expenses were such a pain in my daily budget. :D Anyway, I have not thought about what's going to be the...
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    You're favourite type of laptop/computer?

    I currently own an Acer Aspire E14 laptop, and so far, I am loving its features, speed, and performance. I bought it a year ago and it's still working pretty great. I use it for working online and it never disappoints me. But of course, I would want to have my own HP laptop computer someday, or...
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    10 Secrets to Managing a Successful Blog

    Sometimes, it's all about research. If you are really serious about blogging or running a website, you must know all the little details about SEO optimization, use of keywords, and what are the trending topics now. But of course, you will not be successful if you don't like what you're doing, so...
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    Do you make money online?

    Same here. I detest having to go back and forth from home to office, and I hate dealing with a demanding boss and unfriendly coworkers. I tried working like that before, but I realized that maybe I am not really suitable for the corporate world, so I decided to just be a freelance writer, and I...
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    10 Secrets to Managing a Successful Blog

    You really have got to create interesting and unique content so you would be able to gain a lot of readers/viewers. :)
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    Get Google Adsense Approval within 3 days

    If you have a Blogger account, you can just easily link it to your Google AdSense account, and by doing that, you'll be able to monetize your blog. However, it's quite difficult to earn solely on Google AdSense. It has never worked well for me.
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    Do you prefer Laptop or Smartphone for surfing on the Internet?

    Same as you. I prefer using my laptop computer when I am working online, but I would often use my smartphone just to check and update my social media accounts. I have also done quite a few jobs using my smartphone. It could really be very efficient. ;)
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    Favourite website to visit while surfing the Internet?

    It could distract you if you don't have self-discipline. But as for me, no, it has never distracted me. I like checking my social media sites in between work because work could be a little bit tedious at times, and I need some sort of reenergizer. :cool:
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    Favourite website to visit while surfing the Internet?

    I would first check the sites I am currently working on. Then in between working, I would then go and visit my social media accounts. I would first check Facebook because that's where I communicate with most of my friends and relatives, then I would go to Twitter just to update it and post...