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    Dedicated server questions

    Yeah - Will email them about a custom package. I bought a dedi a week ago from another hosting company to test them out and they are shockingly unhelpful. Took them 16 hours the other day to respond to an OS reinstall request after the IPMI interface kept disconnecting. I was spitting mad.
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    Dedicated server questions

    Is it possible to use the centos graphical interface? I assume you can on windows using remote desktop? Yeah I'm planning to get an E3 from you guys sometime this month. The $99 dollar deal is enticing but I'd need the RAID removed as apparently it will mess with game server hosting.
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    November results

    The only downtime I've had is from my own personal screwups that I've either fixed or John fixed for me (poor John!). ahahaha InterServer is amazing.
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    Dedicated server questions

    Yep, I have license keys and ISOs for Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Serer 2012 (Standard & Data Center) so that wouldn't be a problem. I didn't know that. So I could hypothetically concurrently run Windows & Linux at the same time? That's impressive! I was talking about...
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    Dedicated server questions

    Does InterServer offer custom packages or additional packages other than the 3 listed on the dedicated page? Am I allowed to make my whole server into a VM to run cPanel VPS edition a the license is cheaper? If I provide my own Windows Server Key, could we use that where I didn't have to pay...
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    Number of slices required for CentOS under KVM?

    Definitely recommend 2 slices. 1 slice gave me millions of errors in cPanel.
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    Does InterServer sell or offer WHCMS?

    For resellers, VPS or dedicated? Wouldn't mind picking up a license if you do.
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    Interserver Affiliate Program?

    Thanks for the response John! I'm curious to how you offset the costs associated with the program if you can comment on it? A $4.95 hosting play would take 20 months for InterServer to break even on a $100 commission. If a customer only stayed the 60 days or even 90~ days, the loss to...
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    Interserver Affiliate Program?

    Is it legitimate? I've seen a few threads on other sites questioning it such as this one. Anyone got experiences to tell us about? I wouldn't mind joining the program as I'm sure I could be successful but I don't want to put any substantial effort in with no return. From what I understand, you...
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    DoS attacks and server monitoring

    I got Cloudflare running in "Im under attack" mode permanently on my server. But recently been getting a lot of IPs from Russia, China etc try to access SSH via root. I doubt they will ever crack the pw.
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    Domain registries to AVOID?

    Crazy Domains. Stay away. Stay far away.
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    Do you guys use VPS?

    I got a basic VPS from InterServers with cPanel and WHM. So about $16 in total but thinking about upgrading to 1GB but probably not necessary. I run a voice server on the VPS and a related web panel. That's about it. Very happy so far.
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    [Resolved] Dropdown menu bug

    Hey guys, On My Customer Portal, on the dropdown menu next to support that contains my packages, there is obscured text meaning one package displays over top another. The IP of my old Fantastico order is over top the name of my VPS. Just thought I'd let you know! Happy to provide a screenshot...