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    Php issue with Cpanel

    I'm trying to load Mybb from Cpanel and I get this error message. I'd like to know how to fix this. Thanks. Error: Required PHP extension not found : mbstring
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    Trouble Uploading Wordpress themes to a VPS Wordpress Site

    I have a VPS Wordpress installation. When I am in the Wordpress admin panel and I choose to upload a new theme from a file that is in .zip format it will not upload it. I can upload the files with SFTP but that defeats the purpose of being able to upload and install themes right from the...
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    Need Help With SFTP

    I'm struggling to logon with sftp and Filezilla. I keep getting error messages. Status: Resolving address of Status: Connecting to Error: Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity Error: Could not connect to server Any suggestions on...
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    Should I write my own forum software?

    I think that it would be incredibly difficult to compete with the open source forum softwares out there. I use MyBB and there are so many plugins for it that it's able to do almost anything. My opinion is to use MYBB or something similar and spend your time creating plugins that would enhance...
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    Brand New Account/Disappointing Experience/Two Support Tickets Already

    I've had issues getting going with my VPS but tech support has been very accommodating and helpful. The learning curve going from a shared hosting provider to a self managed VPS is more than I expected but if Interserver is willing to put up with all my questions and mistakes I will certainly...
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    How to Transfer Your Domain Name to Interserver VPS Hosting

    I just transferred 2 of my Domain Names to my Interserver VPS space. Before you can do this you'll need to obtain a transfer code from your current Domain Name registrar and unlock the Domain so that it can be transferred from your old hosting site. You will need to complete both of these tasks...
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    Cloning a website for testing purposes

    A 'sandbox' site can be created on your webhost by simply creating a new folder and copying your files to it. You can work on your site within this folder. OR.... Download HTTrack and clone your site to your PC, work on it there with your choice of editor and upload your changes to your site...
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    How to set up a vps

    Hey James, I'm just getting stared setting up a VPS here at Interserver. I have however been on a shared account with another company with several WordPress sites and a Forum with over 2000 members for several years and only recently found it necessary to move my sites and upgrade to VPS...