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    Why the fear of "The Cloud"?

    Maybe because of the recent events of leaked images and personal information of various people, mostly celebrities. I don't trust cloud either but I use it since it comes quite handy storing stuff fast and easy.
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    Would you ever host your own website on a vps?

    I'd say hosting your site in a vps sounds like a good idea since you have full control, but I have never tried hosting one since I don't own a vps.
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    Computer Specs/Build

    I'm currently using my old laptop since my PC recently died. I'm interested in getting a new one in a few days so I'd like to know what kind of specs would be good to build a solid gaming PC.
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    A good cloud service

    I'm using both Google Drive and Dropbox and I am very pleased to do so. They are fast and easy to use so I'd recommend these two.
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    You're favourite type of laptop/computer?

    Lenovo laptops usually come in affordable prices and their quality has increased significantly over the past years, so this is a good choice. As of now my laptop is an HP.
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    Ubuntu or Linux Mint?

    I can't be very objective on this one since I've been using Linux in my spare pc since I remember myself, so the answer for me is quite obvious. Not that ubuntu is that bad, just a matter of choice really.
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    Just replaced my keyboad...

    I kill two-three keyboards per year on an average, due to morning coffe accidents. Looking at my keyboard right now looks like it needs a good cleanning to be honest.
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    Live TV Streaming

    I am not sure since I never tried that, but UStream looks like a good choice. you can try that and see if it works. I would also recommend JustinTV but sadly it is no longer available.
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    Preferred remote connection platform

    Secure Shell is my first choice as well, and it couldn't be anything else considering security is the most important thing for me when it comes to remote connection.
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    Best browser add-on?

    I only use Addblock plus and Adblock For Youtube. I don't think I need any other addon to be honest. I use these with the Chrome browser.
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    What do you use to backup your comuter

    I'm using cloud services such as Google Drive and the Box. There are so many to choose from. In addition I have two external hard drive disks.
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    Anyone Using An Android Emulator?

    I used bluestacks in the past, when I didn't own and android device. I never tried WhatsApp app, but I'm pretty sure there must be a way for you to make it work.
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    IOS emulator called Ipadian

    Ok, I have to admit I didn't even know there are IOS emulators! Sounds really interesting since I never tried IOS before, only Android. I am gonna give it a try for sure.
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    Internet privacy

    I am pretty sure that this is happening to some people, but honestly I don't think they have a reason to spy on me. Evevn if they did, they wouldn't find out anything interesting about me anyway. So, I don't worry that much and don't encrypt anything.
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    alternative to the formerly free google-apps mail

    Never used outlook, even when gmail wasn't around as we know it today. I think it is about time I actually give it a go this time if this service is available.