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    Do .com domains hold more value than .net/.org?

    I've always argued this with myself when buying a new domain and I can never come to a solid conclusion. Sometimes I can find a valuable domain which has the .com take but has a .org variable open, but I still sit back and think it doesn't seem "right". Does anyone else have this first world...
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    Do you guys use VPS?

    I use a free node from AWS as a VPN for Skype whenever I'm streaming something and I want to protect against DDoS attacks but personally I don't have any reason to pay for a VPN outside of that.
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    Domain registries to AVOID?

    GoDaddy is possibly the worst to go for in my opinion, I've been a website owner for nearly 6 years and I've never dealt with a worse provider. Bad interface, slow to update (visually and server side), bad PR, a whole host of things.
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    Favorite Browser

    I doubt it personally. I run an extremely high end PC (designed for gaming) and I still get a slight delay when I boot FF up initially as opposed to Chrome which loads instantly. I'm not sure if that's due to not using multi-memory processing or not, but I only use FF now to check my secondary...
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    DoS attacks and server monitoring

    My mistake. Is there any way to locate the source of the DoS attack or is it just a shot in the dark? I know the actual fundamentals of a DoS and DDoS attack but not how to block them entirely.
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    DoS attacks and server monitoring

    Have you got any way of contacting your host provider? They quite often provide DDoS protection so they might be able to help you out on that part. Aside from that, ask them for a list of IPs that have accessed your site during the DDoS, eliminate single IPs and look for duplicates, you'll have...
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    Why the fear of "The Cloud"?

    I think with any new technology people are afraid of committing everything to it. I still personally prefer to have a physical backup on an external HDD rather than use a cloud service (which is free whereas a HDD isn't) simply because I don't know how reliable the service is going to be. It may...
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    WHM/Cpanel VPS Backup

    Is your problem solved then or are you still looking for an answer?
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    Google blacklisting

    Quite a few sites are getting blacklisted nowadays from the ads they run on their site. A friend of mine ran a tech blog that had over 100k uniques a day that got blacklisted from Google because of a malicious ad that was running without his control. It took him nearly 6 months to get the site...
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    Favorite Browser

    Gonna have to join the hivemind here and vote for Google Chrome. It's just an all round gorgeous browser, fast, safe, effective and has every addon I need for it. Whether it's for Reddit or just a Gmail notification app I haven't gotta go without something, so for me it's perfect.