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    Internet privacy

    Hi everybody, I just want to know what do you think about the NSA and other agencies like this spying on you, on your computer, phone etc. everywhere you have an internet connection. Are you worried about your privacy being violated and if so, do you try to encrypt any data or you just let it...
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    Reseller Hosting, is it worth it?

    Every business you start you have to start cheaper than your competition, the same goes for the reseller hosting. If you with too low prices, the people will think that this is too good to be true so you should keep your prices slightly lower than your competition, but not too low to let people...
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    more bragging rights

    Congratulations man, this is really some impressive uptime and I think that you really deserve the bragging rights. You should be proud ;)
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    What do you use the cloud for?

    I'm using the cloud storage to backup my important files (not the files with sensitive information) like for my studies just in case something happens to my computer or local machine where all my files are stored. I do this, because I learned my lesson when my old computer's hard drive "died"...
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    What do you use to backup your comuter

    I think you should buy a hard drive just in case, if you don't have internet connection for some time or if you don't have a fast internet connection than the storing to a cloud will be a pain in the a. And accesing the files is also a bit faster using the hard drive. Ofcourse you should keep...
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    Why the fear of "The Cloud"?

    I think that the people that aren't used to the computer and technologies want to keep their important files as far away of the internet, because they hear so much about hacking into some very high security facilities and stealing important data. I think that the safest way to store some very...
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    Favorite Browser

    I use Google Chrome, because I'm used to it and I got the RSS feed extension that shows how many new items I still have to see in my RSS feed without leaving the tap you are browsing right now. There's no such an extension on the Mozilla Firefox addon market. If I were to use any other browser...