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    Cloning a website for testing purposes

    Thanks for the information, I am very new at this subject and I'm soaking up the knowledge, but I get the general ideal of cloning a site. I will have to apply this technic but I don't think this is a beginners task.
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    Backing up personal data

    I'm not sure how long it would take to upload 1 TB. I would assume it all depends on the upload speed. I personally wouldn't upload that much data onto the cloud.
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    Why the fear of "The Cloud"?

    I use iCloud but not as a primary source, and I don't store all my important data on the cloud, but I agree people give up all kinds of personal information online anyway.
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    Internet privacy

    Our rights are slowly being taking away everyday, pretty soon they are going to label people terrorist for believing in the constitution. It sounds crazy but it could very well be true.
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    What do you use to backup your comuter

    I use several 500Gb hard drives. I had a 2TB hard drive until it dropped and I lost all the data. Several 500 GB hard drives are plenty and in the case of any accidents you won't have all your chips in one basket.
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    Reseller Hosting, is it worth it?

    I just went with a reseller hosting company myself. I only paid 9 dollars a year. Hosting is always needed. It sounds like a good ideal. I am interested in something like this as well.
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    Favorite Browser

    I have issues with all browsers on some level or another. Chrome is okay sometimes. I also use a browser called Maxthon. I use a Mac and Safari is good because how well it syncs everything up. I would say Chrome for PC, and Safari for Mac
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    What's a good free web hosting?

    Good and free are two words that normally don't go together for hosting. Believe it or not you can find some cheap deals on Ebay. I just signed up at super Alpha reseller hosting for 9 dollars a year. Free hosting will almost always limit what you can do. With a little research you should find...