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    [cPanel VPS optimizations] Suggestions on tuning MySQL and Apache for a server with 2GB of RAM?

    Hi, I wanted to update this thread and have done most of the suggestions mentioned. However, their is one thing I did look at and that is the Apache prefork module values. I think these may be high for 2GB of RAM. Any suggestions as to what might make better sense possibly? Hear are the settings...
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    [cPanel VPS optimizations] Suggestions on tuning MySQL and Apache for a server with 2GB of RAM?

    Hello everybody. I'm working on a cPanel/WHM server that is maxed out at 2GB of installed RAM. I'm wondering therefore, if anybody has any suggestions for properly tuning Apache, MySQL, and other similar services for optimal configuration? I found a Liquid Web knowledge base guide that talked...
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    Does InterServer sell or offer WHCMS?

    Thought I'd respond here, confirming that John is indeed correct. WHMCS must be bought directly through if that's what you want.
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    Top Reasons to pick KVM over OpenVZ

    That's actually good to know, that resources are guaranteed regardless of the platform used to do the virtualization. How does KVM handel server isolation in general compared to openVZ? I have heard online before that something like OpenVZ does not isolate virtual machines from others on the...
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    Is selecting the logout option from the portal required?

    Hello, folks: I just wanted to ask, what is the best way to insure that you've logged out of the control panel/portal? Must one click on the logout option necessarily? Or, can one simply press alt-f4 to shut down the browser of choice (if coming from Windows) command-Q on the...
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    How to describe a QuickServer For Folks Who Already Know What A VPS Is?

    Howdy, folks: I wanted to write an article up on my site at some point soon that describes the benefits of InterServer QuickServers compared to a traditional VPS solution. I know from the web page and since I have one myself, that they're basicly a huge VPS system running on KVM, with the power...
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    Domain registries to AVOID?

    Hi, From an accessibility standpoint, if you're blind or visually impaired using screen reader software to access the web, GoDaddy is a nightmare. I've found far better accessibility options using NameCheap. Just keep that in mind, and note that the web can be an extremely inaccessible place...
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    Top Reasons to pick KVM over OpenVZ

    Also, I believe that KVM is similar to Xen. The resources you get with KVM are guaranteed. I am not so sure this holds true for Open VZ container-based virtualization. Swap- like Xen, Swap partitions are completely supported in KVM where this is not so with Open VZ. As for overhead, I believe...
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    What is a QuickServer

    I'm also curious to know if Quick Servers are considered managed, self-managed, or what.
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    What is a QuickServer

    Awesome stuff. What's the general turn around time after submitting payment for a quick server to seeing it online I wonder? I'm also curious as to if I'd need to log into the InterServer management portal to see if the server is ready or not. Think I'll pick one up. Also, I'm curious to know...
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    What is a QuickServer

    I'm also taking a stab here, but I'm guessing that we could use: and: if we chose as DNS servers then with our quick servers? Or am I wrong on that.
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    What is a QuickServer

    Hi, So basicly, these machines themselves are dedicated boxes, but the technology is VPS. So hear is my question then. If we were to obtain cPanel licenses for use with our Quick servers, what license type would we need? Also, how many IP addresses come with these servers by default? If we added...
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    How smooth is the upgrade process generally?

    Hi, folks: One thing I've been thinking about is, how smoothly does InterServer handel upgrade processes from one type of hosting plan to the next? For example, suppose for affordability sake I decide that a VPS is not something I need right then, so I sign up with a shared hosting plan to run...
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    Website Feedback

    Howdy, folks: Noticed something that I wanted to bring to the attention of the folks responsible for maintaining content on I was googling about to see if you still had your reseller plan page, and thought you would want to be notified that I did find it, but don't see it...
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    New InterServer article posted with affiliate link Improvement suggestions

    Howdy folks! After a brief downtime, I've wanted to let folks know that is now back online, and I'm still interested in opinions either from InterServer staff, or community forum members. The URL of the article is still: Please...