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    Failed, Rejected and Missing Affiliates

    We received your email yesterday. its going to take some time for us to look into this. we will respond to you ASAP.
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    Access to site via dedicated IP address

    hello, you should definitely be able to access it using the dedicated IP address. please contact our support directly so we can investigate the issue. Are you doing a cPanel to cPanel migration? Our support can help you complete the transfer also.
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    Website Builder

    If you are serious about your website, SEO, reliability and support. You would be choosing as your hosting company with WordPress and SiteOrigin plugin as a website builder.
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    What is this?

    It has been paid. sorry for the delay.
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    Computer Specs/Build

    At work we use parts from older servers and turn them into work stations. Although recently we have been buying Vizio All-in-One Desktops for employees to have a cleaner looking office.
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    [Resolved] Dropdown menu bug

    we are working on getting the font size fixed.
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    How to describe a QuickServer For Folks Who Already Know What A VPS Is?

    VPS has multiple customers on a shared platform. With Quick Servers you have the benefits of VPS like fast reinstalls, reboots, live console, and reduced control panel costs while being on a dedicated environment. Hybrid seems like a good term for it.
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    best domain name registry

    you can also register domains right from the control panel.
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    Intel Xeon E3-1230 Dedicated Server

    We are running a promo on the Intel Xeon E3-1230 CPU. The server starts at $99 per month and comes with 8GB of ram and 250GB Hard Disk. This is a limited time offer and will not last long. Please visit to orders yours today.
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    We have a blog!

    Along with the forum we also have a new blog. Like us on facebook Follow us on Twitter