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    Do you guys use VPS?

    I won't be using one once I get started, I'll only be hosting small websites that won't need it.
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    monitor your website uptime

    Nice, thanks for the info. I'll be looking into those listed to see which I prefer.
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    Websites to test if a website is up or not?

    Thanks for the link! Glad I'm not the only one that goes crazy wondering if my internet is being screwy or if a site is down :P
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    Testimonials section

    This would be a good idea, I feel. I'm currently shopping around and would like to hear some first hand experience before making a choice. I'd rather not deal with such on facebook either :P
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    [resolved added payza] about pay method

    Paypal is free to use and generally accepted more places than Payza. Why not just make a paypal?
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    Favorite Browser

    I've tried Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome and personally like Chrome the best. I had issues with Safari and Opera and Firefox just ran too slow.
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    best domain name registry

    I've done tons of research and the one that I personally will be going with is namecheap. It seems a step ahead of most of the competition, and prices are good.
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    Which Linux distribution do you recommend I try?

    I'm going to have to agree here and say I'd go with Ubuntu. It's the first one I tried when I was new to Linux and it's very easy to learn.
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    How to move free host to self host?

    Exactly. Once it's known what you are using, you'll be able to get a better answer.
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    Handy trick for setting up new website

    Great tip, thanks for sharing!