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    more bragging rights

    This is pretty great. How did you achieve such great uptime? :P Mine is a lot lower than that, but anyway, enjoy your bragging rights :)
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    Free web hosting

    I'd use free hosting if I was really desperate and just did not have the money. I've used a few free hosts in the past and they haven't been too bad at all. It all depends on the specifications, I guess.
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    Brackets, a suprisingly nice IDE

    As soon as I discovered Brackets, I instantly made the switch from my bland Notepad++ for all my web designing. The main selling point to me was the live updating. This is something I haven't seen put into proper use (on Windows at least) and finally finding something that supports this well was...
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    Reseller Hosting, is it worth it?

    You can definitely give it a shot and see how it goes, although I'd recommend, like others have, to post consistently on websites such as forums advertising your host. I'm sure you'll see at least some results by doing just this.
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    Would you ever host your own website on a vps?

    The VPS would definitely require, as Dez97 said, a huge amount of storage and bandwidth. Although you can run a website on a VPS without these two things, it definitely won't be as fast.
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    What's a good free web hosting?

    One that comes to mind, and as far as I remember is the only free web host I've used is 000webhost. I'm not sure if it's still up, but for the duration I used it, it was pretty great for a free host. I didn't have too many problems with it.
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    Simple but pro looking website

    I'm sure you can achieve this with websites such as Weebly, Wix or even Wordpress. I personally don't really like website builders, but they're still usable. I'd really recommend finding a web designer if you don't mind spending a little money depending on the type of website you're looking for.
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    Creating a forum; What software?

    There's a huge list of forum softwares, and I guess it really depends on your preference, but I personally enjoy XenForo. It's great and simple to use, plus it's pretty universal. A lot of websites, including this one use it. Another couple I can think of are Curse and Enjin, but as far as I...
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    Just replaced my keyboad...

    My mechanical keyboard gets really dirty all the time, so we're on the same boat. I'm too lazy to clean it regularly so I guess I just have to deal with it. It's a Razer Blackwidow for anyone wondering, and despite what you may hear (actually, I've only heard good about it) it's a great keyboard...
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    Should I write my own forum software?

    I'd recommend against it as there's already a whole bunch of software out there, and I'm sure that a lot of them provide a lot of customizability which you can use to turn to turn your forum into what you're hoping to create with the software, although, like Quags said, it would be a pretty...
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    Using a CDN - Safe or Not?

    CDN's can be extremely useful, and depending on which company's service you're using, you should be absolutely fine. I personally use Cloudfare and I've had noticeable increases in my page's speed. It's pretty useful.
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    What do you use to backup your comuter

    I never really backup my PC on a physical hard drive, as I just store my most important files onto the cloud. It's a lot easier and faster, in my opinion.
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    Internet privacy

    As I live in Australia, I'm not as worried as I would be if I didn't, although it's definitely something to look out for and does change my view on certain aspects of the internet. I'm sure over time though people will reveal more about agencies like this and they'll soon be nowhere to found...
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    Best browser add-on?

    The one I use most is probably the Imgur plugin to take screenshots of web pages, although I really enjoy add-ons like Hola, so I can use services such as Netflix in areas which don't support them.
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    When it comes to finding hosting

    Money is definitely a concern and so is ease of use. I've been with so many hosts which have a horrible control panel and horrible customer support that it is unbelievable. Another factor is definitely speed.