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    Outlook: already begun transmitting this message

    I've had problems with outgoing mail in my Outlook, as well. There are times when an outgoing message just seems to get stuck, and it won't let itself be sent. It sits in my outgoing mail, and there is nothing I can do to get it to "send". I usually end up just sending a new one.
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    alternative to the formerly free google-apps mail

    That seems to be a common thing - you get really happy with a free app, and can't live without it, when wham! they want you to start paying for it! Depending on the cost, though, I think it is only fair to pay for some things. After all, how can they keep operating for free? Unless, of course...
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    Handy trick for setting up new website

    This is a great tip! It would certainly help you to get a jump-start on getting your site up and running. I hate waiting when I am anxious to get started!
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    Ways to fight off Spam

    Installing a "report" feature helps you to be alerted by other members if spam hits when you are not online. You can quickly ban the spammer before he gets too far.
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    Why the fear of "The Cloud"?

    I still don't understand when people tell me that they are afraid of storing all of their info in cyberspace. I find it much safer than having it on a hard drive. I've lost more info that way than anything I've ever saved to "The Cloud". As far as safety, if you do anything online, like online...