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  1. mark edwards

    any opinion on using mutt?

    hello - i am trying to use mailx to send an attachment. unfortunately, the mailx documentation seems to be inconsistant. for example, the only way i have found to access google smtp mail is using Notice uppercase "A". Using the uppercase "A" is not documented in very many places from what...
  2. mark edwards

    is this good news or bad news??

    hello - it appears that Centos8 is dying even before it begins, and is being replaced with a "Centos-Stream" service. from what little i know about it, this appears to means that updates will happen automatically, and stability may no longer be an assumption. has InterServer considered this...
  3. mark edwards

    wrote a little activity script

    hello all - once in a while, i have found a rogue unauthorized script that somehow landed on my server. (probably because of WordPress) so after John Q kindly introduced me to the sha256sum command, i thought about a way to monitor activity. this is what i came up with (below). i thought i...
  4. mark edwards

    security breach

    hello - this morning i was alerted to a couple of rogue php scripts that mysteriously showed up in two places. has anybody else seen a script called "n1.php" show up somewhere? also, is there any source where i can "post" the script for further examination? i will see if ClamAV has...
  5. mark edwards

    centos broken grub update

    ahhh here is a little gem that gives me nightmares: it would appear the latest GRUB update corrupts the boot process, although this is probably fixed by now. i cannot imagine a better way to ruin the beginning of a new week than to try to...
  6. mark edwards

    memory article

    good article on linux memory: there is much more to it than i originally thought, although this seems to be the case everywhere i look in the linux world.
  7. mark edwards

    mailx question specifying content-type

    hello - i remember John Q told me to quit using sendmail and use mailx instead, i think perhaps he mentioned security issues? lately Gmail is occasionally coming through as just a "noname" attachment with google. i have researched two workarounds (i am merely emailing the server date as an...
  8. mark edwards

    mailx config question

    hello - this may not be the best forum to ask this, but i thought i would start here. recently i configured node "nodemailer" to send mail, and it uses google oauth2 clientId & clientSecret. is there any way to configure mailx in /etc/mail.rc to do something similar, using the google oath2...
  9. mark edwards

    clamav details

    hello - does anybody on on clamscan how to get the name or type of the actual infection? clamscan is reporting viruses in some large log files, and i just assume not try to read through a hundred thousand lines if possible. i am hoping there might be a way to identify the exact location...
  10. mark edwards

    centos/rh 8 interesting issue

    hello - On a new install of either Centos-8 and Redhat-8, I get an "inactive (dead)" when checking the status of rc-local. I first saw this on C-8 but then decided to try RH-8 and found same issue. supposedly it does not matter...
  11. mark edwards

    mariadDB 10.4 and passwords note

    hello - it appears that with 10.4, when you are logged in as the root user, root access to the mysql CLI bypasses security. i suppose this makes sense, but it took a bit of research to figure out why the root password was being ignored. this works to change while logged in as anything...
  12. mark edwards

    apache subdomains

    i am trying to use an apache subdomain. it is working fine like this with just http:// but it is not working using https:// here is my [dot]access file: i suspect the solution is something very simple. any suggestions?
  13. mark edwards

    centos 8?

    hello - i just saw that centos-8 is now available. is this something that IS will be offering soon, or does it already? is there anything in c-8 that is motivating enough to start looking at it? or is one better to wait a year or so for all the issues to be resolved?
  14. mark edwards

    csf firewall seems to allow ports not open

    hello - i was trying to temporarily remove port 3306 from TCP_IN in the csf.conf file, but this seems to have no effect: vi /etc/csf/csf.conf ; TCP_IN = "20,21,22,25,53,80,110,143,443,465,587,993,995" then i did: csf -f ; csf -r ; systemctl stop csf.service ; systemctl stop lfd.service...
  15. mark edwards

    usage of php-fpm in a kvm environment.

    hello - i see that i now have an option using virtualmin to use php-fpm, something that i had never heard of before. any opinions? this is from the documentation (below). and please note the last line. What is PHP-FPM? PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) is an alternative PHP FastCGI...
  16. mark edwards

    php upgrading on centos 7

    hello all - for some reason, the people at centos-7 just love to use a php version that is near obsolete. and from experience, just upgrading php without being VERY careful seems to cause its own set of issues, like deprecated code suddenly causes errors. anyways, it appears i need to move...
  17. mark edwards

    suggestion for newbies

    hello - today i was running the "top" command in one window while using virtualmin to update the kernel to 3.10.0-862.2.3.el7. much to my surprise and amazement, the system updated not only without rebooting, but the "top" command continued to work. that would be like reinstalling win-10 on...
  18. mark edwards

    kvm50 -- 100% response time, 122 ms

    in April, once again KVM50 broke its own record with 122 ms response time, according to we should hold a pool to take bets on what month it goes under 100.
  19. mark edwards

    another month, another kvm50 100% report from pingdom

    solid performance, i tell you! UPTIME . OUTAGES . RESPONSE TIME 100.00% . . 0 . . . . . . . . .126 ms this is unbelievable!
  20. mark edwards

    possible memory leak issue

    hello - does this affect our VPS, particularly kvm50? the headline: 'Kernel memory leaking' Intel processor design flaw forces Linux, Windows redesign i have had to do: swapoff -a ; swapon -a ; a couple of times...
  21. mark edwards

    November results for kvm25

    100% YET AGAIN.... :) average response time 159 ms. i could get really used to this!
  22. mark edwards

    feathersjs framework

    hello - i have spent a great deal of time looking at various frameworks, and i believe the winner (so far anyways) is i wanted something that was node based (not php), easy to learn, and could bring data right into my browser where i could apply CRUD actions to it. most...
  23. mark edwards

    centos-7 certification

    over the past two days, LOTS of php functions quit working, most complaining about certification issues. i found this certification link, and the page had this advice: ======================= Red Hat / Centos On a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 system, just add your certificate authority file(s)...
  24. mark edwards

    initial setup issue involving DNS

    hello - when i first migrated over to kvm, i think may have specified DNS numbers of and now this seems to be causing issues, as the /etc/resolv.conf seems reverting back to just -- and my control panel is telling me i have to have as a DNS service...
  25. mark edwards

    November Pingdom for kvm50

    i never thought i would see this, but kvm50 was up 100% with NO downtime for the month of November. Congratulations to the interserver staff ! however, once again i am forced to ask: does it get any better than this?
  26. mark edwards

    apache issues every Sunday AM

    hello - for some reason, apache continues to "lock up" every Sunday around 4AM-EST. i am not seeing any sort of cron-job that might explain this behavior, as nothing regularly runs about that time. there are no files in the "/etc/cron.weekly" directory. the only weekly job that runs is...
  27. mark edwards

    kvm50 kernel upgrade

    hello - this morning i was notified that a new kernel 3.10.0-327.22.2.el7.x86_64 was available, which i installed. somehow this all took place without even so much as a reboot - even apache managed to survive this experience, which lately seems to have troubles with days that end with the...
  28. mark edwards

    hello - i have started looked at - its a very nice node utility for data sharing between a node.js process and/or multiple browsers. in other words, you could have several node.js processes and many browser windows open, all sharing the same data. i am attempting to use a...
  29. mark edwards

    apache stopped working -- possible solution

    hello - once or twice a month, apache will freeze up. previously i merely have had to do a: systemctl restart httpd.service ; and that would fix it. so i decided to put that command into crontab and run it daily. this has not fixed the problem, unfortunately. this morning i was seeing...
  30. mark edwards

    mariadb upgrade

    hello - a short time ago i made the leap from mysql to mariadb (thank you john q) has anybody tried making the leap to version 10 ? is that something we can (or should) do with yum? with the rather short list of...
  31. mark edwards

    php on centos7

    hello - recently i installed php70 using webtatic but it appears the centos community does not recommend using webtatic. i am trying create an environment where i can run both php56 and php70 at the same time, and it was recommended in the centos7 forum to use software collections. php56...
  32. mark edwards

    April results

    here are the kvm25 pingdom results for the month of April: Uptime - outages - response time 100.00% - 0 - 170 ms with zero outages, i dont see the room for improvement. can the number of outages go negative? only kidding... and congratulations on such and outstanding report!
  33. mark edwards

    Sql considerations.

    SQL injection considerations:
  34. mark edwards

    google cloud backup

    hello -- On April 7th, google created gsutil to use google-cloud as a backup service. has anybody heard of this? usually anything google does like this tends to work well (not always of course) update: iDrive has been down for a couple of days, just like aDrive used to do. this is...
  35. mark edwards


    hello - has anybody used RethinkDB or ever looked at it? i am starting to see it as just about a drop-in replacement for mariadb. RethinkDB is the only NoSQL out there that has good "join" commands built in. one of the things i like most about RethinkDB is that it ships with a webpage...
  36. mark edwards

    rc.local didnt execute

    hello - is there a way i can look at the bootup log to see why stuff in rc.local didnt execute after the last boot? dmesg didnt seem to show anything about rc.local. Package KVM Linux VPS Slice (CentOS 3 Slices) Hostname linux13372 Host Server KVM25 Ip
  37. mark edwards

    sha-256 ?

    hello - if i needed my vps to be sha-256 compliant, where is the best place to start ?
  38. mark edwards

    excessive ssh login attempts

    hello - when i first became an interserver kinda guy, there was something we needed to do to prevent excessive SSH login attempts. i suspect i ran into this before IS started the forum. please remind me what was recommended. here is what i am seeing now on my new server on kvm50: Last...
  39. mark edwards

    centOS7 systemctl vs service

    hello - from what little i have figured out, centOS7 has moved to using "systemctl" to manage bootup services. i have learned such commands as: systemctl status serviceName ; systemctl start serviceName ; also stop, enable, disable (and there are probably many more) so, when i see...
  40. mark edwards

    sendmail & centos07

    hello - i have been able to install sendmail on my home centOS7 box but not the interserver one. i simply do: yum -y install sendmail sendmail-cf m4 ; systemctl start sendmail ; this works fine on my home centOS box, but here on interserver i get this message: systemctl start sendmail...