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    Cyclos installation on vps

    my vps server to run a virtual currency platform. Can anyone help me with the steps needed to go about this.
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    How to enable cPanel's OWASP mod_security rules through command line

    This will show its enabled or disabled. If mod security manager is not enabled in the feature manager in cpanel there is no way to disable it.
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    Streaming for a radio station

    is streaming via shoutcast and im not sure what package to choose. Im a newbie at this and will rely on paid tech support to set it all up so im currently looking for prices and costing.
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    CPanel included with standard hosting?

    Cpanel is included with Standard Hosting and is not an extra charge but I see that it is also an extra charge for VPS hosting? Am I correct in that?
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    [cPanel VPS optimizations] Suggestions on tuning MySQL and Apache for a server with 2GB of RAM?

    I thought I would bounce the tutorial link off you folks anyways, and reach out to you folks just to see if any of you have useful recommendations that might be starting points before I start tweeking values in Apache's configuration file, or My.cnf in MySQL. Kodi nox
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    New Feature ModSecurity™

    elect “Enable” next to the feature you want to begin using, then click “Save Settings” at the bottom of the screen to save your selections. Tutuapp 9Apps ShowBox
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    How do I control what goes on each slice (WHM)

    How do I control what goes on each slice? I am using the WHM on both Servers. I was planning my Stores on one IP and Slice, my Multisites on another, my Product and Membership Sites on another slice and management sites and tools on another. Tutuapp 9Apps ShowBox
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    Are you looking for a Linux VPS and remote desktop? READ This before purchasing

    Enough tabs you willsee lag. On a 1GB ram vps, There wouldn't be any issues I can think of with 4 - 5 tabs. 30 tabs I would expect slowness. Kodi nox
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    accesing interserver vps from Ubuntu

    When I use my windows computer snaptube word to pdf vidmate I can connect using windows own RDP, But I dont want to use that computer.
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    I recently migrated to interserver. Here are my comments.

    DOMAIN NAME. interserve jpg to pdf r (and most other companies) requires user to supply domain name, to create a hosting account. I think it would be nice if the hosting company would give a default suggestion for a domain name (automatically search for one that is...
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    Reinstall OS changes for OpenVZ

    I really like it and I would like snaptube word to pdf vidmate to have a few with it.
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    Top Reasons to pick OpenVZ over KVM

    2) Automatic rebootless kernel upgrades. We use kslice on the jpg to pdf hostnode, so kernel upgrades are automatically applied with out a reboot (zero downtime). Also a hostnode kernel upgrade applies to your own VM.
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    VNC on openvz

    # it will ask for password, provide the password of your choice, you will be connecting to the vnc server on your VPS with username:vncuser and that password. You can skip the rest by hitting enter. snaptube word to pdf vidmate
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    5jelly has anyone tried it?

    Good to know that this service is fake. It really is jpg to pdf too good to be true.
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    Wordpress and "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page" jpg to pdf 1) You lost your admin user permissions. Check in the mysql database for the admin user in wp_users. Now match that admin id in wp_usermeta
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    Changing SSH port

    By default, it should be 22. Change it to somet snaptube word to pdf vidmate hing of your liking. (Not something rediculous like 12592105)
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    Why is the kernel so old?

    OpenVZ only runs on 2.6 . They have made progress Tutuapp 9Apps ShowBox porting some of the parts of OpenVZ into the 3.x kernel series (much of the work on LXC is from OpenVZ as well as checkpoint/restoring has made it into 3.x series), however there are still many features that aren't ported...
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    Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10 templates for centos5 Hostnodes

    If you run centos5 / openvz on your own, you Kodi nox can download the templates below. You will need to add
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    EasyApache 4 Feb 6 Release

    cURL and Tomcat are all vLucky Patcher Kodi nox receiving updates in this release. ea-apache2-config ZC-4742: Install …
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    Should I write my own forum software?

    Ваnnіng аnd Usеr соnsіstеnсу. Usеrs mау bе bаn оn sіtе оr оn fоrums but nоt thе оthеr. usеrs mау sеlесt а dіffеrеnt оr multірlе usеrnаmеs оn thе fоrum іnstеаd оf bеіng fоrсеd tо usе thе sаmе usеrnаmе оn bоth sіtе аnd fоrum.
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    Free web hosting

    about 3,000 unique visitors in traffic a week on a .tk domain, but it would always get overloaded by the simplest of things and its uptime was terrible and half the time it was very laggy. Would you guys do it or just save up some cash to put towards the construction of your webhost?
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    WordPress Hosting w/ Google Domain Name & SSL

    I think I have to wait a few months? How do I utilize the SSL/HTTPS (that InterServer includes with the Managed WordPress setup) with my domain name sitting over at Google Domains?
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    Do you prefer Laptop or Smartphone for surfing on the Internet?

    I do not know why I have a smart phone. I hardly use the Internet features. I know right why pay for Mobile Internet if I am not going to use it. I just have a smart phone to have a smart phone really.