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  1. llfsa

    Favourite personal cloud service?

    What cloud service do you use the most? I've been an avid Dropbox user but I recently lost all the temporary bonuses I have so I wound up switching the Microsoft's One Drive which gives me about 100 gigs to work with, not bad at all!
  2. llfsa

    Web Development: FreeCodeCamp or OdinProject

    Has anyone had experience with these two platforms? I'm aiming to learn web development over the course of the summer and I was wondering what you guys might have to say about these two EDIT: By the way, here are the links:
  3. llfsa

    GitHub's Atom

    My colleagues have been using it for a while and every now and then they start blabbering about how good it is. What do you think of it so far? I haven't tried it yet, but it got me curious