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    10 Secrets to Managing a Successful Blog

    1. We know our audience. It seems simple, and obvious, but if you want your blog to be a go-to source for useful information, you need to understand your audience. Since inception, our audience has been, and continues to be, entrepreneurs and small business owners who are interested in going...
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    Get Google Adsense Approval within 3 days

    Minimum Posts/Articles/Pages: If you are using WordPress, make sure your website/blog has at least 40 quality articles which are not copied from anywhere else. Your content on the articles should be extremely rich and make sure you use relevant images where ever required. Try to include two...
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    Do you visit Facebook as much as you did in the past?

    If it comes to me I don't go on Facebook as much as I did. I think that there's more interesting things you can be doing during the day, and Facebook is a perfect time-waster that consumes a lot of time.
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    An Introduction to Securing your Linux VPS

    Introduction Taking control of your own Linux server is an opportunity to try new things and leverage the power and flexibility of a great platform. However, Linux server administrators must take the same caution that is appropriate with any network-connected machine to keep it secure and safe...
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    You're favourite type of laptop/computer?

    I am currently a Lenovo laptop owner, but in the past I used to own a HP laptop. Both of those laptops are very good quality at least in my opinion. What experience have you got with you're laptop/s? And what one would you like to have as you're dream laptop? I would love to own the Mac OS X.
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    Favourite website to visit while surfing the Internet?

    What is the first website you visit when you sit infront of your laptop/computer? Is it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr (generally social media) or any other website like or you're own website/blog?
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    Do you make money online?

    If yes, what are your money making methods? Do you own your business, blog or website? I am a freelance writer, and I have my own blog which brings me money. :D
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    Best add blocker for your browser?

    I have got Ad Block, but it doesn't block the adds from Display Frame, what are some other good add blockers?
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    Do you prefer Laptop or Smartphone for surfing on the Internet?

    I prefer using my laptop than my smartphone to surf on the Internet. I use my Smartphone for social media instead. How about you guys? :)
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    How to get rid of Frame Display?

    Those adds are driving me instance, they have infected my browser Google Chrome, how do I get rid of it?
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    Why VPS Is the way to go for your ecommerce website?

    Your ecommerce business is ready to go to the next level. But you are not sure if you should continue with your shared hosting account, or kick it on up to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). This is not a decision to be taken lightly because the website is the heart of ecommerce. Here are some...
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    You should add more categories to this forum.

    I think that this forum should have more categories. Is that possible? Does anyone agree or disagree with me and why?