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  1. shamanas

    Best browser add-on?

    Adblocker plus and HTTPSEverywhere are musts in my opinion. Greasemonkey is also great, as well as Poster (Firefox addon to modify HTTP requests and inspect responses)
  2. shamanas

    Anyone Using An Android Emulator?

    I think ou can use it for an application provided it does not need really responsive and repetitive input. If it runs by itself you should be fine :)
  3. shamanas

    What do you use to backup your comuter

    I use a 2 Terrabyde external HDD and I backup the external HDD every once in a while (in another one which is exactly the same). You can never be too safe ;)
  4. shamanas

    Favorite Browser

    I use Mozilla Firefox, although it is not for any particular reason other than the force of habit. I guess it is really fast and offers pretty much the same features as Chrome, so I see no reason to change it up.
  5. shamanas

    Just replaced my keyboad...

    I use an MX blue board too, it's a really nice switch, I really love it! I would definitively recommend a mech switch to anyone.