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    Kernel vulnerabilities

    Hi guys, do you know some RSS feed that keep up to date and spread news about kernel vulnerabilities (also know as local root exploits?) If yes can you please share it with me? Just a couple of days ago my box was hacked and rooted because I forgot to watch the latest kernel exploits and thus...
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    iptables and DDoS

    HI guys, do you know any tips about using iptables in order to prevent/decrease the damage that a potential DDoS can cause to your network? I've been reading quite a lot of papers talking about mitiagation of SYN Flood but none really seemed trustworthy to my ears to be honest.
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    How do you secure a website properly?

    Hi guys what security measures you are concered of about securing a web site from a potential attacker that want to hack it?
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    Do you use github to host you source code?

    Hi guys I just wanted to know how many of you use github to host their source code in order to share it with others or to simply have a backup of it. Personally I use it a lot as I am a developer in a team thus we use it a lot when we're developing together also because of the commit system that...
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    A good cloud service

    Hi guys today I wanted to ask you if you know some good cloud service where I can upload my files and have a mailbox. All suggestions are welcome except those one that involves Google. Thanks!
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    How you protect yourself from common web mistakes?

    Hi guys, how you protect yourself from common web mistakes like inserting an invalidated user input into a SQL query or echoing a user input without validating it first? Do you use some sort of special class to do so?