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    iptables and DDoS

    OK thanks, I will definelty try it on my server then in order to mitigate the DDoS that I keep receiveing
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    How do you secure a website properly?

    Those sounds like some good bunch of good tips. I should really take in consideration about limiting the IP range for access the admin area.
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    iptables and DDoS

    Did anyone of you two ever tryed CSF firewall? Any feedback?
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    Hosting videos?

    Considering that you're using a VPS uploading the videos that needed to be seen on youtube I guess it might not be a viable option right? So one thing I could advice is to create a sort of tunneling between a server that the chinese customers can access and yuotube so that they can watch it...
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    Kernel vulnerabilities

    Hi guys, do you know some RSS feed that keep up to date and spread news about kernel vulnerabilities (also know as local root exploits?) If yes can you please share it with me? Just a couple of days ago my box was hacked and rooted because I forgot to watch the latest kernel exploits and thus...
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    iptables and DDoS

    HI guys, do you know any tips about using iptables in order to prevent/decrease the damage that a potential DDoS can cause to your network? I've been reading quite a lot of papers talking about mitiagation of SYN Flood but none really seemed trustworthy to my ears to be honest.
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    How do you secure a website properly?

    Hi guys what security measures you are concered of about securing a web site from a potential attacker that want to hack it?
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    Do you make money online?

    At the moment my only online money making site is a P2W one and if I have to be really honest is the only one that is actually working for me and where I see results in a relativly short time.
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    How to set up a vps

    Honestly I don't get what you're trying to do. You're trying to setup a VPS on your box or just to run some software?
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    Do you prefer Laptop or Smartphone for surfing on the Internet?

    Personally I prefer the smartphone if we're just talking about browisng the internet because it's more comfort to hold in the hand and since I've a pretty wide screen (Smasung S4) I can't complain about the view.
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    Do you use github to host you source code?

    Hi guys I just wanted to know how many of you use github to host their source code in order to share it with others or to simply have a backup of it. Personally I use it a lot as I am a developer in a team thus we use it a lot when we're developing together also because of the commit system that...
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    A good cloud service

    Hi guys today I wanted to ask you if you know some good cloud service where I can upload my files and have a mailbox. All suggestions are welcome except those one that involves Google. Thanks!
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    GitHub's Atom

    I love Atom.. I just fell in love with it. I always use it when I have to program or just simply use a text editor.
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    VPS Slices

    What about the CPU?
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    Favorite Browser

    I've been really a huge fan of FF and I am still now even tough I've been really liking to use Chrome as a "replacemant" of my beloved FF but I still can't leave the latter one for just a matter of habit I guess.
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    Favourite personal cloud service?

    My favourite personal cloud service is the one offered by Google for sure. The reasons are many.. just to name a few of them: syncing with other devices reliability and fastness free etc...
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    What do you use to backup your comuter

    I am quite paranoic about backups and I use both an external hard drive and a could solution. I don't really have to backup huge datas (around 100MB) so I'm kind of OK with my really low quality upload speed connection.
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    yum and gcc

    What are the pros of upgrading to seven? I don't see them actually. CentOS is quite strong builded and as for now I don't see any necessity about upgrading it apart from maybe getting quicker support form the team but that's a side note.
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    Please help chose a right VPS for me.

    Actually you're requiring some quite much emails. What about a dedicated server only for the email managament where you'll put the services like SMTP and IMAP4 instead of a VPS? I guess it won't handle the amount of traffic and storage of 200k emails.
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    How you protect yourself from common web mistakes?

    That's right but you won't be protected by XSS tough, only for SQL injection. Am I right?
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    Migrating Wordpress site: Shared host to Interserver VPS

    Cool tutorial here. I've been looking at this in many forums and blogs here and there on about how to migrate without data loss but anything really worked or the procedure was too complicated. Thanks a lot for the infos, I appreciate them.
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    How you protect yourself from common web mistakes?

    Hi guys, how you protect yourself from common web mistakes like inserting an invalidated user input into a SQL query or echoing a user input without validating it first? Do you use some sort of special class to do so?
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    mailing from php

    What about checking the SMTP/IMAP/POP3 services if they are up and functioning correctly?
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    node.js and io.js

    I don't know much about io.js but for the few times I've played around with node I didn't really feel the necessity to change it with someone elese just because it's quite good as it is. It's expandable and customizable in a lot of ways that gives you the freedom to move how you want.
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    Just replaced my keyboad...

    What a weird keyboard, it feels so uncomfortable X) Am I the only one here who has a "normal" keyboard or there is someone else that have some fancy new type of keyboard to show us?
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    ssh hack attempts

    If you don't mind you can post some of the attacks in order to understand better the situation you're facing.
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    VENOM Exploit on KVM VPS's

    I heard about this hack in order to get access to the virtual machines on a VPS but I still have to get to know someone who got actaully damaged by this exploit...
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    Anyone Using An Android Emulator?

    If your problem is to use WhatsApp then you could stick with WhatsApp Web which is a online version, accesible from a PC, of the most known mobile version of WhatsApp. I use it alot when I am at the computer. If you want it in general then you should google the "Android Emulator" and one of the...
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    Best browser add-on?

    I would stick with AdBlock too just because the advertisment around just annoys me so much that I can't even browse a website full of advertisments without getting crazy. Another plugin that I use a lot is Cookie Manager. It's a plugin for managing your cookies and it has a very catchy and...
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    Ubuntu or Linux Mint?

    I've used both too and I prefer Ubuntu. The reasons are basically just two: a wide and active community that you can meet on IRC and other comunications channels like forums reliability, stability and easiness of using the system. Infact that's one of the best aspects in using Ubuntu in my...