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    Android or IOS?

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    Favorite Browser

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    Should I write my own forum software?

    Yeah! If you have the experience and if you really want to.
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    Simple but pro looking website

    Try some website builders.
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    [Resolved] Dropdown menu bug

    Had the same problem.
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    Little bit of spam

    Just delete it. So it takes about 10 hours but it'll be gone for a few days. ;)
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    Backing up personal data

    Yeah I am pretty sure.
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    Ways to fight off Spam

    I just delete them all. Takes some time but whatever.
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    Favorite Browser

    Definitely Chrome.
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    Why the fear of "The Cloud"?

    Usually because people fear losing data. I know lots of people who fear that.
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    Hello from Icecube

    Hello to Icecube.
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    Android or IOS?

    I like iOS more simply because for me it is so easy to use and it's kind of just great.
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    Internet privacy

    I try not to think about it but I really don't like the fact people can watch what I do on the internet. I personally don't do anything bad or embarrassing but still knowing someone could be spying on me makes me a little uneasy.
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    Should I write my own forum software?

    Yeah totally, if you're willing to put in the time and effort I say definitely! :)
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    Which php framework to start with ?

    Laravel. It's so great and totally worth every cent.