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  1. VinayaSpeaks

    Installing Blog and Forum

    My website is a work in progress. It is live but I am still trying build it. When we install wordpress on our domain, we have a wordpress site, where we can publish contents. I understand we can also have a forum on our domain. However I want to know if it is possible to have a site such as...
  2. VinayaSpeaks

    Forum Vs Website: Which is easier to monetize?

    I understand pros and cons of forums as well as website. However, the main question is monetization, because good quality ad networks require you to have quality contents on your site (forum is also a site), however, on a forum site you do not have quality content unless you publish blog posts...
  3. VinayaSpeaks

    Email Marketing

    Thanks for the recommendation. Interestingly, I had never heard about any of these. Are these free service (for a certain numbers of emails), or do I have to pay to use the service (even if I am sending small numbers of emails)?
  4. VinayaSpeaks

    Blog earning

    When I analyze traffic to my articles, I get a surprising result. There was this article that used to get 100 views every day just about one year ago, but currently it gets just one of two view. The article is on evergreen content and I update the article in every three months.
  5. VinayaSpeaks

    Best Adnetworks

    My website contains articles on health and beauty (with focus on home remedies and alternative therapies) and quality of life and mental well being.
  6. VinayaSpeaks

    Google Domain

    Google Domain is not available in my home country, therefore, I have never used Google Domain. If anyone of you have register a domain on Google Domain, please share your experience.
  7. VinayaSpeaks

    Blog earning

    After from my own blog, I also write for Hubpages. I get around 12 thousand views on my 150 hubpages article. And I earn about $5o in a month. Will I earn more if I had that kind of views on my blog,
  8. VinayaSpeaks

    Forum Vs Website: Which is easier to monetize?

    Content creation is free on forum.This is the reason, why I am looking to launch a forum. However my question is if I want to monetize with Adsense, what will be a minimum content requirement.
  9. VinayaSpeaks

    backin' it up

    I have tried Amazon and Google cloud storage, however, I have never tried iDrive. The only reason is I cannot afford to pay $50 at this point even though I get 1 TB storage with this money
  10. VinayaSpeaks

    Creating Newsletter

    Thanks for your suggestion. I am learning how to create newsletter. A client with whom I have worked since a long time has offered me a writing job. I will have to write newsletters for him. When I said I don't know how to create newsletter, he suggested me learn the craft.
  11. VinayaSpeaks

    Ways to fight off Spam

    That's also my case, even though I have installed plugins that are said to stop spam comments on my websites, I don't see it happening. Every time I log into my website, I have a compulsion to remove spam comments manually.
  12. VinayaSpeaks

    Blog earning

    I think marketing is the most important skill required to make money from blogging. You may be a great writer, however, if you cannot market your blog to the potential customers, you will gain nothing.
  13. VinayaSpeaks

    Creating Newsletter

    Off course there are many programs available, however, the main question is which program is easy for the beginner. Since I am no developer and designer,I want to focus on something that can happen with few clicks or drag and drop.
  14. VinayaSpeaks

    Forum Vs Website: Which is easier to monetize?

    Forum contain discussion and short messages. You may publish articles on forums, but forum is a discussion board after all. My question is related to the content type. Website has SEO contents which are appreciated by ad networks,and forums have short posts that are disliked by ad networks
  15. VinayaSpeaks

    Cloning a website for testing purposes

    I have never done this, I mean cloning a website. However at a time I have felt a necessity to have a clone so that I can test something before I lunch. Thanks for this tutorial.This will help me.
  16. VinayaSpeaks

    Blog earning

    How long does it take to earn moderately from a blog. In other words, how many visitors do I need to have in my website to make a decent revenue.
  17. VinayaSpeaks

    Forum Vs Website: Which is easier to monetize?

    I run a website, however, I am thinking to launch a forum. I have monetized my website, however, I don't have any experience with forum. Can you tell me which is easier to monetize.
  18. VinayaSpeaks

    Creating Newsletter

    As a a beginner, I should be using an email provider (you recommend aweber) and use the templates to create newsletter, right?
  19. VinayaSpeaks

    Installing Blog and Forum

    Thanks for your reply. I am satisfied with your answer about instaling forum. However, I want to know if it is possible to a wordpress blog on a website that used wordpress as CMS.
  20. VinayaSpeaks

    Preventing DDOS Attacks

    I am using Cloudflare service to prevent DDOS attack, however, it is costly for me. I am also looking for cheper wat to prevent DDOS attack. A quick research on Google show different ways to prevent DDOS attack. However, I am finding difficulty with choosing the right method.
  21. VinayaSpeaks

    Android Development

    I am new to andriod development. I have tried developing android by using free automated programs, however, these automated programs are not very good. Can anyone guide me on how to develop android app.
  22. VinayaSpeaks

    Open Source Scripts

    open source scripts and softwares can be as good as paid scripts and softwares. many forums using open source forum scripts are doing good. Wordpress is a great CMS for website and blogs, and good thing about wordpress is it is open source and free to use.
  23. VinayaSpeaks

    Ebook Download Wordpress Plugin

    I have a wordpress website.I want to sell ebook from my website. Are there any plugin that lets to download ebook.
  24. VinayaSpeaks

    Best Adnetworks

    I am a new publisher and I have not monetized my website yet. However, I am getting about 50 views per day. Please suggest best ad networks for a small publisher.
  25. VinayaSpeaks

    Creating Newsletter

    I have never created and sent newsletters. However, I am subscribed to many newsletter services. Can anyone tell me how to create and send newsletter.
  26. VinayaSpeaks

    Email Marketing

    Some of the email marketing services that I am aware of are Mail Chimp and Aweber. My personal favorite is Mail Chimp. I have never used AWeber. Suggest good email marketing services.
  27. VinayaSpeaks

    Installing Blog and Forum

    I have a wordpress website, can I install a blog and forum on my domain which is on shared hosting plan.
  28. VinayaSpeaks

    Upgrading Hosting

    I have website that is on shared hosting plan. In order to upgrade my hosting, how many visitors should I have on my website on regular basis. In other words, how much traffic can shared hosting handle.
  29. VinayaSpeaks

    Changing DNS Server Settings

    When you purchased the hosting pacakge, your host must have sent you an email containing your cpanel information and DNS name server. Recover that email and look for the info. If you cannot locate it, write to the web host.
  30. VinayaSpeaks

    New Hosting Service

    I am with namecheap and I think it is one of the cheapest web hosting available.I bought my hosting package for 83 cents in a month.
  31. VinayaSpeaks

    Internet privacy

    I am very conscious about privacy issues. I always control what I share and what I don't share. I won't tolerate anyone spying on me. However, it the spy is from government agency I cannot do anything on this regard.
  32. VinayaSpeaks

    Do .com domains hold more value than .net/.org?

    .com is the first domain therefore, people seem to be trusting more. However, .com, .net and .org all are top level domain and search engine trust these extension more than geographic or niche domains.
  33. VinayaSpeaks

    Simple but pro looking website

    You can get a good website for free on Blogger, wordpress, weebly, webs and wix. However, you will have to bear subdomain.
  34. VinayaSpeaks

    Google blacklisting

    Your site may be also blacklisted over the ads you are running. Some ads may be interpretative as containing malware. Sometimes when I am checking webpages in a website that I regularly check and my antivirus says it is a phishing link. When I wrote to the site admin, he said that's because of...
  35. VinayaSpeaks

    Favourite personal cloud service?

    I use Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. I love these cloud service because they are free to use. I also have an account on iCloud, but I have never used it.
  36. VinayaSpeaks

    Best browser add-on?

    I use firefox and I have adblock plus and dictionary as browser add-on.
  37. VinayaSpeaks

    Backing up personal data

    Cloud back up time depends on your internet speed. If you have high speed internet and you have compressed your data, I think you will be able to upload your data on cloud in a day or two.
  38. VinayaSpeaks

    Should I write my own forum software?

    There are lost of free forum softwares available, why to spend time developing a software when it is already available. You can use the time you will be spending on developing forum software on other important works, such as promoting your forum, attracting members etc.
  39. VinayaSpeaks

    Migration From Godaddy To Interserver Hosting

    Thanks for suggesting wordpress duplicator and httrack. I have never used these service. However, I may need to use one of these service soon.
  40. VinayaSpeaks

    set same email account in two PCs (MS outlook)

    I have an outlook mail account and I use it on my computer, smartphone and tablet, and never have had any problem. I thing there is some problem with set up the mail service.