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  1. hg088

    How to add network interface?

    I have a kvm vps. I bought an additional IP address and I'd like to assign it to an additional network interface for example eth1. I contacted support and they told me to assign it to a virtual network interface like this eth0:1 but this way I can't use it as a default gateway which is what I...
  2. hg088

    ssh tunnel slow performance

    I have a samba share on my ubuntu vps only allowing localhost connection. From my home computer I'm able to do an ssh tunnel to the vps and mount the samba share. The problem is that the share is suuuper slow, it takes like 30 secs to open a 15 line text file. Normal ssh to the vps is just fine...
  3. hg088

    About re-installing an os

    If I have a kvm vps and i have installed some stuff but then i want to do a clean install, would it be free or do i have to pay for reinstalling the os?
  4. hg088

    What's the difference between a kvm vps and a cloud vps?

    I'm having trouble finding a difference between kvm and cloud vps. I know that a kvm vps is just a virtual machine and openvz is kind of like an instance of a physical machine, but i don't know understand what is a cloud vps. Is it just a network of kvm vps?
  5. hg088

    Does VPS storage run on SSD or HDD?

    Do all VPS run on SSD or does it depend on the plan I'm getting?