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  1. VinayaSpeaks

    Google Domain

    Google Domain is not available in my home country, therefore, I have never used Google Domain. If anyone of you have register a domain on Google Domain, please share your experience.
  2. VinayaSpeaks

    Blog earning

    How long does it take to earn moderately from a blog. In other words, how many visitors do I need to have in my website to make a decent revenue.
  3. VinayaSpeaks

    Forum Vs Website: Which is easier to monetize?

    I run a website, however, I am thinking to launch a forum. I have monetized my website, however, I don't have any experience with forum. Can you tell me which is easier to monetize.
  4. VinayaSpeaks

    Ebook Download Wordpress Plugin

    I have a wordpress website.I want to sell ebook from my website. Are there any plugin that lets to download ebook.
  5. VinayaSpeaks

    Best Adnetworks

    I am a new publisher and I have not monetized my website yet. However, I am getting about 50 views per day. Please suggest best ad networks for a small publisher.
  6. VinayaSpeaks

    Creating Newsletter

    I have never created and sent newsletters. However, I am subscribed to many newsletter services. Can anyone tell me how to create and send newsletter.
  7. VinayaSpeaks

    Email Marketing

    Some of the email marketing services that I am aware of are Mail Chimp and Aweber. My personal favorite is Mail Chimp. I have never used AWeber. Suggest good email marketing services.
  8. VinayaSpeaks

    Installing Blog and Forum

    I have a wordpress website, can I install a blog and forum on my domain which is on shared hosting plan.
  9. VinayaSpeaks

    Upgrading Hosting

    I have website that is on shared hosting plan. In order to upgrade my hosting, how many visitors should I have on my website on regular basis. In other words, how much traffic can shared hosting handle.
  10. VinayaSpeaks

    Best Affiliate Networks

    Some of the affiliate networks that I am familiar are: Amazon eBay ClickBank Commission Junction Zazzle I have not used all of these but I know these are the trusted names. What are other affiliate networks that we can trust?
  11. VinayaSpeaks

    Content Management System

    Wordpress is commonly used content management system, however, there are limitations in wordpress.Other open source CMS are Drupal and Joomla. What is your favorite CMS?
  12. VinayaSpeaks

    Website Builder

    I have experience of couple of website builders such as weebly and webs. What are the other website builders that caters the needs of newbies as well as professional webmasters.