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  1. ER-Networkx

    Public Apology w/ Questions

    Greetings, I'm very very sorry for the administrators and the staffs here, I think I was just frustrated maybe because I am stressed to from work and because of what are happening from the surroundings. Public apology. and I will ask something. I was reselling products from here without...
  2. ER-Networkx

    Post Removed

    Why was my post deleted? Oh come on, you guys hiding something? I just posted, and asked, why was my domain registration, error? it says there that "Success." When I ordered. phhewww!
  3. ER-Networkx

    Read me

    I noticed why there are ads in other websites like youtube or whatsoever that says "FREE COUPONS/DISCOUNTS/$0.01 FOR THE FIRST MONTH IN WEBHOSTING." and many more! and when I tried choosing other products here in InterServer, it's on the original price. Well, it's okay for me, but other? Well...
  4. ER-Networkx

    virtio error

  5. ER-Networkx

    Greetings Everyone, Please read this.

    Administrator/s, Moderator/s, Staff/s, InterServer Community, Greetings! Hi, I would just like to let you know that I found this hosting from my other websites (through ADS), Well I've been allot of trials, like I've been scammed by almost 8 hosting providers, I thought they were legit, Well I...