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    Internet privacy

    I would definitely question that as well, I'd hate to get in trouble for just being an acquaintance of someone.
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    Your biggest "oops"

    My only one would be forgetting to backup my database, and then deleting something I really needed and not being able to get it back. I've learned my lesson with that quite a lot of times.
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    Domain registries to AVOID?

    Well thanks friends for not letting me use GoDaddy because it was suggested to me a couple days ago, so thanks very much. Any others that are bad? This is the first I've learned of any that won't be good for you to use.
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    Do .com domains hold more value than .net/.org?

    Yes, when you see .com it simply just screams "This is better"!
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    Would you ever host your own website on a vps?

    How does shared hosting work? what's the difference between that and paid hosting?
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    Simple but pro looking website

    Can you suggest a specific site for this?
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    Simple but pro looking website

    Good for you I hope it works out.
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    Internet privacy

    personally I think if you're living in America you have no privacy at all, and that's not to say that other countries don't do the same in their countries but America just goes above and beyond with it, they take it to er another level, and after a while you really just get used to the fact that...
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    When it comes to finding hosting

    I normally get anything that's free right now as I can't afford many much more than that. For my blogs I use blogger because they host for free, and your blog is right on the web. Also I tried to use WordPress but it just didn't work as well for me.
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    What do you use to backup your comuter

    I normally use the cloud storage, or I use the box, or Dropbox. I use Google drive sometimes as well as its fast downloading, and it keeps everything for a majority of time, and I can access them from anywhere.
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    Simple but pro looking website

    Honestly I have never found any that was good and free, I have always had to pay for it. I do suggest you listen to the comments above though, cause I will be too.
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    What's a good free web hosting?

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    What do you use the cloud for?

    The google cloud services are really goo, and you can connect it to all of your devices so that no matter what or where ever you are you will still have all of your files, pics, and docs all in one place that you can access at any time.
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    Favorite Browser

    I agree Chrome is fast, and it stores everything for you, it can be used as a cloud, a browser and so many more things in one. I also got a new phone a couple days ago and it connected to my phone and it was amazing to see that every search I made in chrome was connected to my phone right away...
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    Creating a forum; What software?

    I've never done this before, but I will say that as for paying I know a lot of people say that they use XF. I would realy recommend it though you would be getting what you paid for and its trusted and recommended by a lot of people.
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    can not connect

    If you didn't contact support, then restarting it without having anything change should allow it to work fine. If this fails then your best bet is to contact support directly through email.
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    Disk R/W Speed?

    My best advice to you, would be to follow the comment above, so what he ^ said lol.
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    bandwidth question

    You either need to purchase my bandwidth, or your system will be down until the next month of bandwidth starts unless you purchase more to be added.
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    crawling server

    I think you just have really low bandwidth because even with the scanner running it should still be bale to keep running the site, and if not then give that warning that maintenance is taking place. If you can't find a solution on how to reset or change the schedule of the scanner, that let your...
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    Openvpz VPS - Email question

    I don't think that there is a email limit, as far as I know its unlimited.
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    What do you use to backup your comuter

    I've never heard of any of these, thanks a lot though. I'll be checking them out.
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    What do you use the cloud for?

    I don't think its really overdosed, I simply thing people have so many definitions of terms that marketers try to come to everyone's definition of the word cloud.
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    june results

    LOL really bro? Well I'm not one to judge, however thanks a lot for the post.
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    Would you ever host your own website on a vps?

    I have never heard of the php handled? I will be looking into this more, thanks Quags.
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    You should add more categories to this forum.

    I agree that it should have more categories, a little chit chat section would be really nice, although I as well as everyone else love talking about the main point of the forum it would be nice to have something to keep us connected to everything else going on in the world.
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    What do you use the cloud for?

    I use it for everything, to backup my family photos, my music, documents for school and travel. Anything personal like poems and stuff like that, that I want to keep.
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    What do you use to backup your comuter

    I'm a huge fan of the cloud so I just backup all my things on cloud because I don't know when things can go completely wrong. Also I use dropbox sometimes as its just like the cloud and its great for storage too.
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    Why VPS Is the way to go for your ecommerce website?

    You should be good still using your shared hosting but its just better to get the vps, just make sure you have enough space to be hosting on your vps because if not your site will slow down, and your vps might just crash.
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    Favorite Browser

    My favorite browser is for sure Chrome, its fast, it has more to offer than all the other browsers out there and I love it.
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    Migrating Wordpress sites to VPS.

    You're welcome. Let me know if they work out well for you.
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    Just replaced my keyboad...

    Honestly I can't say that I have this problem, I am on my computer all the time, and I type a ton when on it. I just I'm not sure why, maybe its just the way I sit around/at my computer. Change up a couple things if you don't like it.
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    Migrating Wordpress sites to VPS.

    I have never heard of this, however after reading your post i did YouTube it, cause what's better to do than YouTube things when you don't know lol. So here's a link to help you out. two links actually I hope they help.
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    Do .com domains hold more value than .net/.org?

    Normally when I look at sites, I think .com has an upper hand over .net or even .org. People see .org they think old at least I do. I see .net I think umm up and coming probably won't be going to far but in some cases I am wrong and in other cases I am very right. .com just says business up and...
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    Would you ever host your own website on a vps?

    You would need a high end vps, you will need tons of space, bandwidth for sure. I honestly suggest paid hosting service, or ones that offer it for free. On your vps though I don't suggest it as a good idea.
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    What's a good free web hosting?

    I'm not sure for websites hosting themselves, however I do know that blogger is good for free web hosting. As long as you promote you're content or site yourself their very reliable.
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    Backing up personal data

    It is very possible to upload a large amount of files on cloud, however I do think that the next best thing would be dropbox, its just like cloud however it holds a lot more files. I recommend both as they are both really great to use. On cloud you're looking at a few hours, on dropbox for a...
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    Ways to fight off Spam

    Before they join my site, its in the warning rules, and the terms. So whenever they do start spamming they get banned right away. I take it very seriously the people that join my site, and if you can't follow the rules like everyone else then you must leave. However I will check out some of...
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    What do you use to backup your comuter

    I just use the cloud to back up my things. I think its safer that way, and I think its much pretty to keep a track of the things you need and don't need. As well as if you need anything 10-20 years from now you can simply log in and get it in a matter of seconds. i think the cloud is you're best...
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    Why the fear of "The Cloud"?

    I don't understand why everyone is so scared as well, I think with all the paper work and files that I do on a regular base I am happy to have somewhere I know that I can put everything and 10-20 years from now if and when I remember the password I can quickly go and get it. I think everyone...
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    Safe with blogger or should I migrate to Wordpress?

    Personally I use blogger for my blogs and I've never had a problem. I've been using blogger for over 3 years now,a nd my blog gets many views as I advertise it well. Blogger is connected to your Google account however you can solve that problem very quickly. I had blogger before I ever got my...