Access to site via dedicated IP address


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A few days ago, one of the companies I worked for decided to change their hosting to InterServer and so they bought hosting with a dedicated IP address.

I can logon to the cPanel, I can FTP files over but.... I am unable to access the site via IP (I cannot yet change the DNS servers to InterServer as I need the site to be live while migrating). I'm not a newbie to hosting, websites and the likes but can someone please explain to me: if I type in the dedicated IP address, shouldn't I be able to access the public_HTML directory from there in order to set up the site? As I am unable to do so, can anyone please give me a hint to a starting point on how to install the migrated data from a Joomla site (Akeeba backup, kickstart, the backup files... they are all in the public_HTML directory).

Any suggestions more than welcome!!

Michael Lavrik


you should definitely be able to access it using the dedicated IP address. please contact our support directly so we can investigate the issue.

Are you doing a cPanel to cPanel migration? Our support can help you complete the transfer also.


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Hi Michael,

It has been solved after talking with support, thanks! There was a slight misconfiguration at your side (is what I was told) and everything works fine now :)