alternative to the formerly free google-apps mail

hi all -

for several years now, google-apps had a very nice option where we could easily redirect our MX records to point to google-apps, so you could use your domain name in an email address just like a regular gmail account.

yesterday, google decided to pull the plug for new freebies users. oh well, it was VERY nice while it lasted.

can anybody else recommend an alternative? my head has been in a fog of disappointment over this.

my thought go something like:

1) go back to the old-fashioned forwarding of email to an existing account
2) actually learn how to use dovecot
3) go back to sacking groceries at the supermarket for a living

if somebody can tell me that regular gmail can somehow utilize our own domain name, you would make me very happy!

Syed M. Ali

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Now there is only one good alternative of Google Apps Free service for custom domains is Windows Live Custom Domains which is offering 500 email accounts with virtually unlimited space.
true, but suggesting "windows live" somehow goes against my religion. ;)

i am currently experimenting to see if i can forward to a regular boring gmail account. i see email has a "send-mail-as" option. if i can forward mail to gmail, and send from gmail with the "send-mail-as" option, this might be close enough.

Syed M. Ali

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You can integrate any email account with gmail account "send mail as" . But for my knowledge if you use pop3 then it will be more secure way.
Setting --> Accounts---> "Check mail from other accounts (using POP3)"
Thanks Syed -

i am experimenting with a couple of emails on a couple of servers. will keep posted.

i cant understand why google eliminated the free one.... or at least have some nominal yearly charge.


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That seems to be a common thing - you get really happy with a free app, and can't live without it, when wham! they want you to start paying for it! Depending on the cost, though, I think it is only fair to pay for some things. After all, how can they keep operating for free? Unless, of course, they make big money off of the advertisements.
well true, but gmail and google-documents will remain forever free. its just sad that there was not some seriously scaled-down version of google-docs still available, or at least some nominal fee.

but i have opted to use mail-forward instead. i could not bring myself to lower my standards to use an evil "bing" solution.

supposedly zoho mail still offered IMAP services......


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Never used outlook, even when gmail wasn't around as we know it today. I think it is about time I actually give it a go this time if this service is available.


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Wow, this is the first I have heard of this. I am glad I heard of it though. I think I will have to give the Windows Live version of this a try. I might also search the Internet to see about any other programs that are similar. I have always thought everyone got these email address with the domain name in them from their hosting company.


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Well, there is no service that will compare to Google Apps for free. I've still got it as they grandfathered in all existing users. However, you can still just use the e-mail from google. Host your mail on your server. Next, in your GMail settings set up a pop account with your servers settings. Select that email as your default 'From' address and you're golden.

Now when you receive mail, GMail will fetch this mail into your GMail inbox. When you send mail, you've set GMail up to send using your server's custom e-mail address.