another month, another kvm50 100% report from pingdom

solid performance, i tell you!

100.00% . . 0 . . . . . . . . .126 ms

this is unbelievable!


Staff member
KVM has been very stable and its been great. I am working on the next version of the KVM set up, taking all the good and improving it. I hope new set ups have this by Q3 this year. The basic changes are:

Ability to upgrade CPU and RAM with out a reboot,
Ability to load an ISO and boot from it (say a new install)
Setting time zone in the kvm config

Currently debating the backend still. It may be LVM still, but ZFS is undergoing a serious test. I was hoping to be able to shrink volumes "easily" like openvz/ploop but it may come down to still needing to copy to shrink.
ok well KVM50 may be one tough act to follow! it has set my hosting standards VERY high.

just remember, stats like that can spoil a guy really quickly.