backin' it up

Hello -

We all have learned that interserver is as fantastic as it gets, but also no matter how fantastic a VPS can be, nobody can protect you from doing stupid things, not even the New Jersey governor.

I had been using aDrive for a couple of years but the customer service all but died, along with aDrive itself. Recently i discovered iDrive and "idevsutil" the command-line-interface (CLI) into iDrive. iDrive has some price like $50 a year for a terabyte of storage.

Bonus: interserver-2-iDrive is blazingly fast. i was able to move over 19 gigs of stuff in a couple of hours. aDrive used to take 10-12 hours to move half that.

Amazon and Google-cloud have some good deals too, but i think this is the easiest to use from linux thanks to idevsutil.
I have tried Amazon and Google cloud storage, however, I have never tried iDrive. The only reason is I cannot afford to pay $50 at this point even though I get 1 TB storage with this money