Become A PostgreSQL DBA


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Hello Everyone, I am looking to PostgreSQL tutorial with the free version. Can anyone know any reference where I can start learning this phase during this lockdown? I have checked so many sites but I didn't find the best one. Please suggest me.


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I started studying, database using MySQL, but soon was introduced to PostgreSQL and love it. Once I started working, about a year and a half ago, my boss stated that the company would adopt PostgreSQL on all systems. So, I spent a lot of time doing data migration from various DBMSs (MySQL, Access, Progress) to PostgreSQL. I must confess that, different from what I thought would be, it was a relatively easy task to accomplish, since the developer of these systems designed specific tools to perform data migration.
However, my knowledge, and therefore, the application of my skills as an database administrator is still intermediate. I want to take the next step and start to refine my databases, my data designs. In short, be a better DBA.
Talking to some colleagues (that work at other companies), I noticed that there is a tendency to associate DBA with Oracle, even books and certification courses. Does anyone know any books, blogs, video channels that can help me with this? A track that I can follow to educate myself as a complete DBA (using PostgreSQL)?
I'm really new on this and i just want to be better, to learn more and do the best of me in my job. Thank you all for any help you can give me!!

For Starting learning PostgreSQL, Visit these tutorials.
The preferred qualifications to become a PostgreSQL DBA include a bachelor's degree and a few years of experience in database administration, specifically in configuring and troubleshooting PostgreSQL.

Hope this information helps you.