Brand New Account/Disappointing Experience/Two Support Tickets Already


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That's right...two support tickets. You'd think I was trying to do something fancy and complicated, but I'm's just a small project. I finally had time to pull the trigger on it today andchose over my current host because the price was right and the reviews were pretty good.

Problem 1 - For some reason, as I got to the check out, a big red error flashed "Error ...something...Website." Tech support guy tried but couldn't help me. Since I was purchasing four domains + privacy + SSL certificate + another thing or two, I had to process 10-12 separate payments via the bare bones interface at

Maybe I should have turned around and backed out when the sign-up and payment took 1.5 hours (no exaggeration).

Problem 2 - I had also wanted a dedicated IP...and there's no way to get there from here, apparently. That was around five hours ago, still no resolution, which I find unsettling.

Problem 3
- Once I finished all the separate transactions for domains and other selections I had made, it got worse. My domain name is registered, but doesn't exist and my webspace "failed."

I thought surely this was fault...I must have missed a stepped or overlooked the "Welcome email" that I could always depend on to guide me through set up. I tried everything I could think of. Finally, I reached for the chat box again. Only 1 person in the queue ahead of me! Hooray! But, then the chat box said no one was help at (even though the chatbox and the website say 24/7). I called and got a fellow who couldn't resolve my problem either. (Happy! It wasn't just this gray-haired granny forgetting how to get a website set up! But, frustrated! Because this should be smooth and automated.)

Problem 4
- Why can't the tech support guy just clean it up and get me moving? I asked for an explanation just to make me feel better about my time investment thus far, but tech support guy told me that all he could tell me is "this is how we handle things we can't fix. We elevate it."

Oh whine! This feels like 1999 when so many things had to be done manually and every webmistress slept with a four-inch binder stuffed with server instructions under her pillow.

Sorry to be so negative on my first post, but now I am questioning my judgment for using a web host with faulty programming of its own e-commerce pages. I feel like these problems should not be problems at all. I also want to mention that I am the queen of self-service and searching for answers. The support areas of InterServer's site aren't geared toward people who are buying space to set up one site. They cater to those of us who want to resell hosting...which I would love to do but not with the current lack of customer support and documentation for actual website owners.

If it isn't fixed in the morning, I will need to cut my losses and move on.

Please InterServe...tell me that you just had a bad day!


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Thanks for your feedback. Please give us time to review and we will update here.

H.Charles Beil

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I've had issues getting going with my VPS but tech support has been very accommodating and helpful. The learning curve going from a shared hosting provider to a self managed VPS is more than I expected but if Interserver is willing to put up with all my questions and mistakes I will certainly stick with them far into the future. I found that the errors often lie between the keyboard and the chair .... at least in my case! :)