can not connect

gul fraz

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hello sir,

i wasted two days to install and finally it is installed in vncserver on ubantu 14.04 but now when i connected to vns viewer nothing appers accept silver screen please help me out to please support setup my vnc server .

here is the image.
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Was xstartup modified and twm to gnome-session ?

If so please contact support @ and request the system be converted to vswap.


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Did you try turning it on and off again? (IT Joke), but seriously. Check your router. Or run this in CMD (as admin).

ipconfig /release

and then

ipconfig /renew

and then



If you didn't contact support, then restarting it without having anything change should allow it to work fine. If this fails then your best bet is to contact support directly through email.


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Hello gul fraz,
Have you tried to reinstall the VPS using the controlpanel? I'm quite sure that this is caused by a faulty desktop enviroment, and I'm quite sure that a reinstallation of the VPS would solve your issue.