centos/rh 8 interesting issue

hello -

On a new install of either Centos-8 and Redhat-8, I get an "inactive (dead)" when checking the status of rc-local. I first saw this on C-8 but then decided to try RH-8 and found same issue.

supposedly it does not matter:


but still, i still have to wonder why rc.local is even part of C/RH-8 distribution. and nobody answered if the easy fix should be done or not.

oh well.... :sneaky:


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It is likely because /etc/rc.local does not exist. Creating it and giving it executable permissions should fix it.
actually the file does exist, and all i needed to do was to change the permissions. it just seems very peculiar that this issue affects BOTH rh & centos - and nobody has caught it (yet).

this makes me wonder if its even necessary.