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I am looking for a new web host for my online photo album.
I have always used a free hosting service, but am now upgrading and combining my hosting uses.

I have recently dropped Photobucket as my photo storage for hosting photos to be added to enthusiast forum posts.
I did not like that they required access and the right to use all user materials uploaded for any reason they they saw fit, for as long as they saw fit.
I didn't worry about it much as long as their service was free.

I used a free hosting service for my online album for a long time, but let it lapse while I looked around for a replacement software for the old, clunky software I was using.
I had been happy with their free hosting service. So, I opened a new account and installed the new Piwigo software. It seemed to work well for a trial install.
I was about to inquire about 3rd party hosting with a paid subscription when I read their terms of service. They also require the use, as they see fit, of all user materials, whether with free or paid hosting. That was the deal breaker.

So, questions:
I want to use the Piwigo web album software.
Do you support the convenient use of that software?

Can I host photos to be embedded into enthusiast forum posts?
I do not think that traffic for these photos will be all that high, and will taper off very quickly after each insertion.

Do you require the right to use all user materials [read photos into that] for your purposes beyond what is need to provide your services to provide my web site?


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Piwigo - this is included in standard web hosting softaculous installer. So there is an easy install for it.

Can you explain what you mean by #2? Do you mean hotlinking? if so, there are no restrictions on this.

Files you upload are owned by yourself, we do not claim or need copyright on them nor do we use your data. You must have fair use, own the copyright and not post copyrighted material.


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Thanks for your reply.
My question #2 was asking if I would be allowed to link to photos stored on my photo album site if hosted by so that the photos would be displayed within the text of a forum post.


1) from Flickr, select Share this photo

2) click on the pin symbol => you should get a BBCode which looks like this:

Generally, The photos I link to are 640 x 900px or less and less than 100kb.
And, they contain a link back to the originating photo.


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There should be no issues linking to this content, as long as it currently works on your forum. It sounds like the photo album is elsewhere - and as long as they don't block hotlinking it should work.