[coupon is one time use]


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i buy a vps from your company and becouse his linux i cancled it becouse he wont let me in to his desktop even i try more way to do this .

after i try to buy another one with another cupon code it says you can't use it again with this account paypal that you have used before but when i go to my paypal i find you get paid twice from me without give me any vps so you have to give me my money back please 2 cent its note somthing big !

pictures of paid



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This is because the coupon used is one time use, by a my.interserver.net login or paypal account. So any account that has used the coupon before can not use it for a second or third vps. Please email billing @ interserver.net with the email the payment came from and a trasaction id of each for a refund.