Deploying a Ruby on Rails application with cPanel


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I was wondering if anybody could recommend a proper guide or process for deploying a Ruby on Rails application with cPanel. I had a site I originally wrote in PHP that I decided to shift over to Ruby on Rails after seeing the Setup Ruby App option in cPanel, but I can't seem to figure out how to properly get it running even after looking at various resources. I've gone through the Ruby Setup App (adding Rails as a module as well) and registered the application with Application Manager. I can't find many resources that dip beyond this or any possible troubleshooting I can try but everything I've attempted resulted in 503 errors once I uploaded my code into the file manager. I can verify the default files created with setting up a Ruby app are functional since I get the "it works" message but I've had no luck beyond that. Thanks.


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A ticket would be best on this, as a 503 error is like seeing a internal server error - essentially an error running the script. It could be a syntax error, module missing or an issue with the ruby version. I can speak from only for the similar python selector option where once I saw this and needed to downgrade the version and it worked.