Mela Gaia

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I read about dmca violation cases on this forum. I work with apps and in this case google developer and apple developer are very strict: if you violate a copyright that is photo text etc, the app is totally removed without even asking for the possibility to remove the content and without any possibility to republish the same app again. Actually what I missed is that even the hosting in case of dmca complaint can block the same account. So my question is this: we can't control everything the app users do (in my specific case): we can't know if they steal photos, texts or videos. If my hosting should receive a complaint for dmca it would block my account ... but as I said I would not know about the violation because it was not done by me. To avoid these problems: have more plans, more accounts or what ?


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As long as the DMCA is resolved, or a counter complaint is sent it should be ok. The main DMCA issues come from non response. In these cases interserver may need to disable access to the files.