Do you make money online?

I'm only 15 years old, and I manage to make a few hundreds of dollars per month. An online job is definitely going to save you up money, because you don't need to go anywhere, you are there sitting in your room and just doing whatever you need to, also as for the food you have food in your fridge, so you can pop up to your fridge whenever you feel hungry and just don't spend money on any fast foods and do yourself a sandwich instead.

Oh, really? I'm also planning to write a fantasy novel for teenagers/young adults and obviously I would love to write a trylogy like the Lord of Rings, but literally not as good, haha. :D I don't know about the whole idea yet, the place where the action is going to take place is the hardest to come up with, in my opinion.

Wow, seriously? You are only 15 years old? It's good to know that instead of hanging out with your friends and partying, you have just decided to do something worthy out of your time and work online. I have so much respect for you now. (y):)

Oh, I love fantasy novels as well, I am actually a Game of Thrones fan. Anyway, best of luck with that!


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I actually do make money online from a couple of different websites. I do online surveys as well as post forums. If you do sign up on a survey site such as opinion outpost or my survey I recommend you signing up on multiple survey sites in order to make a decent amount of money. You can easily make five to $10 a day doing surveys.


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I write articles for e-zines and blogs. General website content. Beyond that, I do take surveys online, and do some website testing here and there when it's available. I also translate! (German > English and vice versa)


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I do a lot of micro working and PTC sites. As a freelancer as well but not so often as before. Selling stuff and promoting it online is not bad if combined with everything else. I would like to learn more about dropshiping it sounds too good for me. Using internet to advertise is a great way to earn money. Adsense on y you tube channel or your blog. Various ways if you really into spending a lot of time in front of your PC and earn some cash.


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I am making, but not as much as I want. Gotta work hader. It's very convinient way to support oneself. But has some cons as well.
I make money online from writing sites, paid forums, paid to post sites, and writing assignments. I also have a website but I am yet to make money from my website. I also do affiliate marketing however, I don't make much from affiliate marketing.


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I earn money contributing to forums and blogs on postloop. It has worked for me for quite some time now. I earn about $5 each day and work for only 4 hours a day. I think this is the best job ever. Anyone with a better job than this to update me.
Previously, I worked for a transcription site but now, their work availability is kind of low to none. So I resorted to writing for content mill sites which pay a little bit lower than that transcription site. But yeah, we're doing fine and maybe in the next days the transcription company will have more jobs. I'm hoping!