Edge 8 / Edge12 Outage 12/8/2015


Staff member
A outage occurred 12/9/2015 approx between 5 and 5:30 PM EDT. This affected servers on these edge routers located in InterServer's Teb 1 datacenter. Currently servers are placed at one of four datacenters: LAX3 (Los Angeles), Teb1 (Secaucus, NJ) Teb2 (Secaucus, NJ), and NY4 (Secaucus NJ).

Our review of the outage last night has determined a cause. The outage caused servers on two edge routes in the Teb1 datacenter to be non responsive. These affected servers on Edge8 and Edge12.
The error was an internal routing problem caused by an error of maximum OSPF message size was exceeded due to large LSA. The problem started on Edge8 and also took the Edge12 router offline. Once edge8
was taken offline Edge12 came online, which is why servers on the Edge8 router were down for a longer period of time. Edge8 was them separated onto a different core router segment from Edge12 in order to get both working. With the changes and isolation done, Edge12 can not be affected by this error again.

Based on the outage that occurred the edge8 router will be replaced. A time will be set in the future for this announced replacement.