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Last ago I would say my favorite browser was Internet Explorer. After testing out Firefox and Google Chrome, I fell in love with Google Chrome. Google Chrome is fast and simple design that is pleasant to me. Firefox has many add-on and plug-ins which I love it too. Depending on what I am doing , I will use the more suitable browser for me.


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Chrome has to be my favorite browser.
Firfox was a lot better earlier, but I still do think that Firefox has a few plugins that chrome does not. And I still use Firefox for several operations.

Sal Radler

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Right now, it is Firefox, thanks to the assortment of addons that are available. The update cycle was horrible for the past year, but they seem to have fixed this. The browser feels snappier than before and responds well to even the most demanding sites. However, whenever I need an alternative, I switch to Chrome.

I've heard IE on WP8 is good too, but I'm still on WP7.

orlando curtis

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My favorite browser is Mozilla Fire Fox hands down no matter
what.The main reason I like that browser is because you can
download You tube videos with no problem.
Currently I'm using chrome and tor.
Firefox with noscript plugin for me (also foxy proxy when I am away for ssh proxying)

I'll post a detailed way to use foxy proxy in the tutorials section. Its an easy way to encrypt web browsing using your vps or dedicated server.

This I am interested in. I like tor for the anonymity but it's so slow.


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Most people feels the same about Opera but the truth is that it's rather an impressive browser. Opera usually has many features before Chrome or Firefox. It has a download manager but not just that as it also has torrent client. I prefer uTorrent to handle my torrent downloads but having Opera has come handy on computers where there's no torrent client.

I think the one problem with Opera not being as widely known as Chrome or Firefox is that it isn't open source and don't put much efforts on marketing as Firefox does. Chrome is from Google so it doesn't need much marketing for people to be using it.

I have never tried Opera, but this post has made me want to check it out. I prefer Firefox. I know that Chrome is faster, but I see the "aw snap" page too often. Plus, I consider it to be a big piece of spyware.

I tried Maxathon once, but wasn't impressed. I am looking forward to giving Opera a test drive.


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Google Chrome is my choice. It feels light, stable and fast. Also lots of extensions available.
I used Firefox before, but after trying Chrome for once I never looked back. Has IE improved at all? I remember when it was a complete joke. Is it still one?


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Firefox 25 has been crashing for me in the last few days, on my windows 8.1 system. Just switched to chrome.

On my Linux system I am using Firefox ESR
one thing opera did that i just loved was to have actual little browser windows inside of the main browser window, rather than just tabs. i am very surprised that chrome or FF has not picked up on that idea.

but ever since opera didn't know how to handle some simple jScript variable initializations and i was unable to use it on a couple of airline reservation websites, i abandoned opera !


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There use to be a time where I kinda liked chrome. Now, I find myself angry with it every time I start it up. I get fairly frustrated when chrome freezes or just runs slow. Firefox to me has been the most consistent browser I've ever used. If I was given a choice between Firefox or Chrome. I would always choose Firefox no matter what the competitor offers.
viper - i am surprised your chrome starts up slowly and gives you trouble. have you tried removing it and reinstalling it?

chrome also has each browser-tab using separate memory and this is pretty nice. i am surprised that FF has not done this.

my biggest complaint with FF was the way it handled the java-JRE interface. that seemed to consistently cause FF problems. but now that i hardly use java-JRE anymore, its not as much as an issue.

but where chrome really shines is being able to right-click anywhere on the window and select "inspect element" -- it brings up a very powerful debug environment just out of the box. then throw in a chrome-php debugger and you can have your php code display debugging messages right inside the console. php can be sort of hard to debug since you can't run any sort of step-debugger on it, but this does make it pretty nice.

i realize that FF has something similar but you have to get the plug-in's installed first.


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I have tried removing and installing. Though, I always end up with the same freezing problem. I don't know why it keeps freezing as I can be on Firefox all day and it goes smoothly.
Viper - have you tried something like the revo uninstaller for your chrome removal ?

another interesting test might be to install virtualbox.org and then install another OS just to play with, and then install chrome there, and see if you have the same problem. my guess is you won't.

John Baker

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Definitely Google Chrome - but I have to use them all in my work for obvious reasons. You have to make sure your website is compatible with every browser!

Jay Gould

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Gonna have to join the hivemind here and vote for Google Chrome. It's just an all round gorgeous browser, fast, safe, effective and has every addon I need for it. Whether it's for Reddit or just a Gmail notification app I haven't gotta go without something, so for me it's perfect.
i have to print a retraction: it appears in the past year or so FF has included something like firebug that is actually built into FF. i notice FF now has an "inspect element" with a pretty decent looking built-in debugger.

now, if FF would take the lead and have window-browsing rather than just tabbed browsing, like Opera does, and throw in the multiple memory process thing like chrome does, FF might take the lead once again (in my mind).

[i sure am glad nobody in this forum thread has mentioned the AOL browser]

Jay Gould

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i have to print a retraction: it appears in the past year or so FF has included something like firebug that is actually built into FF. i notice FF now has an "inspect element" with a pretty decent looking built-in debugger.

now, if FF would take the lead and have window-browsing rather than just tabbed browsing, like Opera does, and throw in the multiple memory process thing like chrome does, FF might take the lead once again (in my mind).

[i sure am glad nobody in this forum thread has mentioned the AOL browser]

I doubt it personally. I run an extremely high end PC (designed for gaming) and I still get a slight delay when I boot FF up initially as opposed to Chrome which loads instantly. I'm not sure if that's due to not using multi-memory processing or not, but I only use FF now to check my secondary Gmail account.


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I love to use chrome for a more secure and fast experience, and when chrome lags out after like 50 tabs, I use mozilla firefox. :D


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Despite what some have had to say about Chrome, I still love it. Firefox is a close second, but the sheer amount of extensions, and the simpleness of adding them to the browser is what makes Chrome win it for me. Chrome also seems to be insanely quick when compared to the other leading browsers, with Opera not being far off the mark, speed-wise at least.
i did find the built-in chrome jScript debugger seems to have a well-documented flaw in that the manual setting of line breakpoints does not always work. a simple workaround is to put this line into your jScript anywhere you want:


a workaround for sure, but not very convenient ! i sure hope google gets this fixed soon.


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As much as I hate to admit it, I had no idea about the special features some of you have listed above. More so on java script and the PHP. For me, a browser is good based on how fast it will render my blog (a task that Safari for Windows has performed best). Safari is my default browser therefore.

I also use Chrome, Mozilla, Opera and Internet Explorer at times at times.

Like I said, I didn't know the technical aspects to look for until after reading some of the comments. I think I'll make chrome my default browser..


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My favourite web browser is Google Chrome because I can login anywhere and get my bookmarks, history and extensions there. Although in the last months it's kind of slowing my PC down, I just can't part with it :D
I used to be a fan of Mozilla Firefox a while ago, but I just didn't like the way it was made. There was something about it that just made me look for another browser.


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It's always a contest between chrome and firefox for me, they both handle different things better, in my experience chrome handles flash and java way faster and better than firefox, and somehow I feel that firefox is more heavy on resources. I don't know if that's just me or if anyone else experiences this.


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To me it's Firefox, but I was using the Safari on my PC for almost 4 years. Believe it or not, it was super comfortable, the design was really good, but then they discontinued updating it and it became obsolete. Right now Firefox is the best browser in my opinion, highly customizable. Since I have fiber internet, I'm not concerned about speeds at all.


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Personally, I believe that the best browser out there has to be Google's Chrome browser. I have found that it rarely crashes like other browsers. Internet Explorer seems like every single time I use it then there is some critical error of some sort and is forced to close. With Chrome I do not have that problem, highly recommend it.


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As far as Browsers go Chrome seems to be the fastest one. I usually base my browsers on speed, how fast everything that is not internet related loads up and how easy everything is to get too.
Chrome is definitely number one for me, I used FireFox all the way up until a month ago.. then switched to Chrome.


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Personally I will say Chrome is much better. It has better interface, addons and extensions. I sometimes use Mozilla when the site display is not that great but most of the time Chrome is what I use.