Favorite Browser

I have tried Firefox but it just slows my laptop. I'm currently using Chrome now and totally loving it. It's much faster compared to other browsers and I'm not having troubles while surfing the internet. I think I'll stick to it.


My favorite browser at this moment is firefox and internet explorer 10. Firefox is just stable and fast and there are so many useful addons that are available which makes browsing much more smooth and enjoyable. Internet explorer has come a long way and the latest version is very useable when compared to earlier versions.


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My favorite browser is Firefox. Stable and fast and while it's not the fastest browser on the market, it offers a lot of add-ons and many useful development features.


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I love Chrome and Firefox, I think they're both very similar and they have the same concepts, so it is a matter of preference at this point really. I'm excited for the new Microsoft Edge though.


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I think my favorite browser anymore is Opera. I did not like it at first. It took some getting used to for the platform. I cannot stand Google and all the ads they have including many popup ads. I also cannot stand FireFox because there is always a script on almost all FireFox pages that causes my browser to freeze. I do not encounter either issue with Opera.
I've been really a huge fan of FF and I am still now even tough I've been really liking to use Chrome as a "replacemant" of my beloved FF but I still can't leave the latter one for just a matter of habit I guess.


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My favourite would have to be Chrome. It is just so comfortable and customisable.
My second favourite would have to be the TOR browser (works off of Firefox, I think) just because of the security it provides.
My favorite browser would have to be Google Chrome, but honestly, Internet Explorer is not that bad as what you think. I usually utilize Internet Explorer, and based on my experience/observation, it is not that slow.


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What's everybody's favorite browser?

Mine is either Firefox or Chrome
My favorite browser is Internet Explorer . Only because I realized when watching movies or anything in general it loads faster than Firefox or Google Chrome. It is not buffering constantly like the other browsers, so I have made it my favorite.


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I like using Google Chrome. I use Chrome in my PC. I also have Chrome installed in my Samsung smartphone. I use it for extra fast downloads.


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Google Chrome hands down.

The speed, features, and community producing extensions/themes are well above the rest. Also, it syncs everything including open tabs to my phone and that is extremely helpful.

Not to mention over half of all people use Chrome as their browser, they've got to be doing something right!


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I would probably have to go with Firefox. To me it's really the best in my opinion. Chrome is also pretty good, but Firefox is still my favorite out of the 2.


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I use both firefox and chrome but for different things, you don't have to limit yourself to just one browser. In terms of web development, you can´t beat firefox, but for speed chrome is better, since you don't pay to have either and they don't occupy much space, you don't have to limited to just one browser. Even Internet explorer can be handy every once in a while.


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Ha, I'm with the majority, I really don't mind any browser but Internet Explorer, which I cannot stand. Used to use it all the time as a kid, but from the moment I got old enough to learn how to download my own, Firefox was my baby.

Now I actually prefer Google Chrome, due to all the personalization, plugins, etc.. It runs very quickly for me, too, and troubleshooting's pretty simple. I trust it to hold up to all my ridiculous 20-tabs-open antics. :p


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I was using Chrome for a long time and it was ok on my windows but i couldn't stand Windows any more and i switched to Linux and now i am using Firefox. Again, everything is going very nice and smoothly but recently it gives me some headaches by freezing from time to time. I probably need to update it or install some plug ins but i read about it and some people claim it is not because of that. Either way i am going to try and install the latest version. I am not sure how Chrome is working on Linux. Any thoughts about that ? Does it matter or not?


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I use Chrome for my PC and laptop and Opera for any kind of mobile device. These two are the most common and convinient ones for me. And probably will ever be. In the past I had tried Internet Explorer and Firefox. Cool, but not for me maybe.


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Not very many people have heard of this one, however, I use Opera, I've used them for several years since they had still been small enough to not even be advertising globally. If I couldn't choose Opera, it'd be Google Chrome, though, Opera is more lightweight, easier to manage, and all-in-all looks better, the only down side is the amount of extensions you can download since Google Chrome has a never ending extension library


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My favorite browser is Google Chrome. It is fast, advanced and all you need in the modern generation, in my honest opinion. Back in the day, Internet Explorer was the best but not as good anymore and Firefox which comes the closest to Google Chrome is still far away from the quality of Google Chrome. Google Chrome is also more popular than the rest since it's a Google software and we all know how powerful Google are.


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I have both Firefox and chrome installed and use them both. Just I try to take advantage of the strong points of both browsers. Chrome is faster but Firefox has a huge amount of ad ons not to mention the web developer tools.
I have used Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Safari and many others, however, my favorite is Firefox. I have been using Firefox since a decade. I never have had any problem with my browser. Opera has limitation, I have bad experience with chrome and safari works better only on Apple.
Well, Safari is already installed in my laptop and phone so I'd say that's my favourite browser. I never had any problems with it and never had the issue of installing another browser because I'm not satisfied with it. That being said, I'm pretty much simple when it comes to browsers and I think my standards are quite easy to fulfil.


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I do like the main Browsers but I think that dolphin browser on an android phone has been my favorite browser to date. I also like the badoink app that can be used as a web browser. I liked that I could easily download videos with badoink no matter what site I was on. Dolphin browser on the other hand has been the smoothest browser that I have ever used on a small screen.


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Well I have just gotten used to using Chrome at this point, so I would say that it is favorite just because it is what I am most familiar with. I did used to use Opera though, and I remember really liking it a lot. I just did not choose to continue using it for some reason when I changed computers, but I might look into installing it again to see what it has to offer in the newer versions.