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Yandex does look fast. UC Browser is pretty good too. Its more integrated and has better features than chrome.


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FireFox has been stalling on me lately, but possibly because I'm visiting really bad WordPress sites with TOO many ad scripts trying to load simultaneously.

However, Chrome seemed to handle those requests a lot better lately.
I do like the main Browsers but I think that dolphin browser on an android phone has been my favorite browser to date. I also like the badoink app that can be used as a web browser. I liked that I could easily download videos with badoink no matter what site I was on. Dolphin browser on the other hand has been the smoothest browser that I have ever used on a small screen.

I remember downloading Dolphin browser back when I was an Android user. I think one rewards app made me download it. I didn't get to use it though since I thought it wasn't good. Now, I have an Android tablet and I think I'll try this one out. Thanks for your suggestion!


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Although I have used many browsers, Google Chrome has to be my favourite. If I had to choose another one it would be Firefox of course.

i am starting to think that firefox may be worth a second look. a couple of articles have talked about how fast the latest version is.

edit: chrome is not about to take this one lying down - i suspect chrome will match FF's new speed shortly.
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I also use chrome as me default browser. I use it most just because of its features and i like it incognito mode most for safe browsing. Secondly i use mozilla but most of the times i used chrome.


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What's everybody's favorite browser?

I have just found Brave. So far so good. It's secure and has a nice interface. Some websites don't work on it very well, however, because of it's security I guess. But those are few and far between.