Free or paid CDN Services: Which is the best for my blog?


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I was recently testing my blog's loading speed and got the advice to use CDN (Content Delivery Network) Service to speed up the loading of the javascript on my blog. I then searched online for the best CDN provider and got :
  • Cloud Flare
  • Incapsula
Both have a free service and premium so I choose the free account with Cloud Flare and the loading speed jumped from over 7 sec to 2 secs. However, I hear that the servers aren't that secure for free users. How true is this? Also, would you share the benefits of having a premium account with either Incapsula or CloudFlare based on your experience and not what they promote on their site?


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I have experience with cloudflare. The free version provides a good amount of security but no SSL is included.

The paid plans do add more security, like dos protection but for a blogging site cloudflare is fine on the free plan.

I have no experience with incapsula.


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Unless you're selling things, I don't really think it matters, because if it's on your own VPS or whatever, you'll most likely have your own security and DDos/DOs, protection, or if you're on shared hosting, that's their problem, in the sense that if your blog was to get attacked, it would affect their whole server (providing they haven't got counter measure capabilities where it only affects your site) and thus most likely have their own protection built in. Security wise, you shouldn't suffer because it's a CDN and it's only caching your blogs frequently seen data/content.


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Based on your responses, I think I should be comfortable with the Free Plan from Cloud Flare. By the way, I recently changed my blog template and the loading speed even got better. Thanks so much for your input.


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Is DDOS protection really necessary unless you are running a website that maybe a bunch of punk teenagers would want to attack?
Unless you offend people for some weird reason I don't think DDOS protection would really be necessary at all, lol.
It takes too much time just to lag your site out, plus they have to keep lag going on their side to do it as well unless they have a huge muscular computer.


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I have experience of working with INXY, and they provide various secure options for all CDN solution, including even the cheapest ones (from $10/month and more). If you need protection against breaches, DDoS attacks and occasional data loss, this is a perfect and affordable solution!