Hi All! Interserver Affiliate Program


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Recently i joined Interserver Affiliate program on CJ. I'm promoting the program on my site http://freeasp.net. Within 5 days after i joined Interserver Affiliate program, i made total 10 sales.

But since past few days what i've been noticing that all my previous sales are disappeared from my Affiliate Panel. On 19th I made 2 Sales & on 20th I made 1 sale, all these 3 sales are missing.

I contacted your support team but no reply. Let me know what is going on.



Staff member
On CJ potentially it could be due to an account that received a refund in the 30 day money back guaranteed, or cancelled (abuse / chargeback etc). However to look it up email directly affiliates@interserver.net. CJ support should also have a reason for any that do not show.