KVM256 Migraton 5/8/2017


Staff member
The KVM256 server requires a hardware migration, which includes data copied to a new server. The reason is that there are confirmed reports of some VM's going read only. While all drives tests out ok, the problem has reoccurred even after a file system check - thus a migration to completely new hardware has been decided. This has been scheduled to occur Tomorrow 5/8 starting at 5AM edt when the server load is lowest.

If possible the vm will have it state paused and saved saved so a restart is not needed at all. Those that can not will be shut down cleanly, one at a time, and copied to new hardware. The system will then start up automatically on the new hardware with the same ip and data.

The approx time to copy is between 10 and 15 minutes per VPS slice (25GB of data).

Changes may be needed before hand to ensure networking comes online.

If you use DHCP, our default set up, no changes are needed. This is the default set up for all new vm's

If you have a static IP configuration, and use the gateway, please change this to A static configuration would have been manually set after server set up and is not the default configuration. This change can be made now before the upgrade begins.