mariadb upgrade

hello -

a short time ago i made the leap from mysql to mariadb (thank you john q)

has anybody tried making the leap to version 10 ? is that something we can (or should) do with yum? with the rather short list of what is involved, it looks like there should be no compatibility issues.

thoughts or suggestions?


i am starting to wonder if its just as easy as something like:

yum remove mariadb ;
yum install rh-mariadb100 ;

or read instructions:
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On my own centos7 install I have mariadb through yum. My experience going to 10, from other servers including cpanel, as been easy for the upgrade - fully compatible from mysql 5.5, 5.6 and mariadb 5.5. However: note - php needs to be built against the new mysql version.
thank you - is the php build just a matter of doing a yum remove and (re)install ?

UPDATE: john are you sure about your answer regarding php? i just created an ec2-rh7 with mariadb 5.x and php5.6 -- then i yum-removed mariadb-5.x and installed mariadb-10.1 - and did nothing with the php, which still appears to work.

also tried it on a google-cloud centos7 instance - same results. it appears nothing needs to be done with php.
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UPDATE 2: php is no problem at all. i upgraded mariadb to 10.1 and php had no issues using the new mariaDB.

However, the same cannot be said for perl. i had to run the CPAN stuff regarding the perl->sql interface to get perl working again. i also had to do this:

yum install perl-DBD-mysql ; ## 2016-07-24

Also, node.js seemed to have issues too - but restarting the node processes seemed to take care of it.
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